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Bien, mal, mieux, moins, peu (irregular adverbs) Lesson

We've already learned about Forming regular adverbs with -ment (feminine adjective + -ment).

However, some adverbs have irregular stems,

Although/Though = bien que/quoique + Le Subjonctif Lesson

To introduce a concession with although/though in French, you can use these two conjunctions followed by a verb in [kwiziq_link type="lexic

Le Subjonctif PrésentLe Subjonctif PasséMode subjonctifConjonction de subordination
Using 'sentir bon' and 'se sentir bien' Lesson

The verb sentir and its reflexive form se sentir are used in a broad sense to express physical

Verbes avec -MIR, -TIR et -VIRIdiotisme
Comment bien monter sa tente (C1) Dictation practice
Here are a few tips to help you pitch your tent properly.
Idiotismes avec allerLe Présent IndicatifPronom relatif
"Bien" Vocabulary
= "Well"
"Merci bien" Vocabulary
= "Thank you very much"
"Bien cuit" Vocabulary
= "Well done"
"Aimer bien" Vocabulary
= "To like"
"Bien rémunéré" Vocabulary
= "Well-paid (masc)"
"Ça va bien" Vocabulary
= "I'm fine"
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