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I hope you're ok, and we hope to see you soon. Language example

Verbs ending in -É(-)ER such as célébr

Thomas and Olivier ran well, but neither of them got the gold medal. Language example

Ni l'un(e) ni l'autre ne... means neither one nor the other or

Pauline really thinks that it's good to study? -Yes, Pauline really thinks so. Language example

To avoid repeating the same statement, idea or opinion more than once, you usually use a pronoun to refer to it in both English and French.

Don't talk about your ex!Unless of course, you only say bad things... and still! Language example

Look at these cases:

Nous n'avons qu'une heureWe only have one hour

Je n'ai que des piècesI only have coins

Je n'aime que les pommes.I like only apples.

Tu ne lis que le soir.You read only in the evening.


Clever stuff happening!