Micro Kwiz: Devoir - must, to have to

. Skip any questions if you're unsure.
  1. 1
    appeler mes grands-parents. (I must call my grandparents.) HINT: devoir = must
  2. 2
    Est-ce que tu
    rentrer tôt ce soir? (Do you have to go home early tonight?) HINT: devoir = to have to
  3. 3
    absolument dormir. (Marie absolutely must sleep.) HINT: devoir = must
  4. 4
    aider maman à la maison. (We must help mum at home.) HINT: devoir = must
  5. 5
    manger votre repas maintenant. (You must eat your meal now.) HINT: devoir = must
  6. 6
    Les enfants
    apprendre leurs leçons. (Children must learn their lessons.) HINT: devoir = must
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