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Practice your French reading skills with our ever-growing collection of interactive reading content grouped by CEFR level and accompanied by detailed explanations and links further resources.  These articles are presented to you using our Bilingual Reader: while reading the text you can click any phrase to see the English translation and related French grammar lessons. To further aid your reading comprehension, lessons can be bookmarked from the Reader and saved for practice later. Most of these features also include a video or audio file so that you can practice your listening comprension at the same time.

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  • A1: Beginner French reading exercises

  • A Christmas Carol
    Read and listen to this bilingual version of Charles Dickens's classic "A Christmas Carol," adapted and translated for beginning French students.
  • Cher journal
    Learn to talk about daily routines while practicing your French listening and reading comprehension.
  • Entretien avec un vampire
    Check out this interview inspired by Anne Rice's novel to practice your French listening and reading comprehension.
  • La Comptine des Vêtements
    Practice your A1 French listening skills with a nursery rhyme about clothing.
  • Marie in France - A1 Reading and Listening
    Work on your A1-level French reading and listening comprehension with this bilingual article - click any phrase to see the English translation as well as links to related French grammar lessons.
  • Vive l'automne !
    Find out why fall is the best season in this bilingual audio article.
  • A2: Lower Intermediate French reading exercises

  • Belgium's Declaration of Independence
    Practice listening and reading while learning about how Belgium proclaimed its independence.
  • Bonne fête des Mères !
    One Sunday in May or June is designated Mother's Day in France, but why? Where does this annual maternal celebration come from?
  • Breton accent
    Get an (exaggerated) idea about French as it's spoken in Bretagne in this humorous sketch by Les Inconnus (a famous French trio of humorists from the 90's).
  • Carte postale
    Practice your French listening and reading comprehension with this postcard about Magalie's stay with her grandparents.
  • Dans les coulisses du Moulin Rouge
    The Moulin Rouge is a world-famous revue in Paris. Take a look behind the scenes and sequins with this video report.
  • Hajj
    One of the largest religious gatherings in the world is the annual Muslim pilgrimage, called Hajj, to Mecca. In addition to devotion, technology is beginning to play its part as well, as explained in this video.
  • Il y a un monstre sous mon lit !
    Oh no, there's a monster under this little boy's bed! Listen to his conversation with his father, then scroll down for the bilingual reader.
  • Kwiziq French Film Fest
    With the Cannes festival just around the corner, May is movie month at Kwiziq! For our first French film fest, we've written mini reviews of our favorite movies which you can read and/or listen to.
  • La chasse aux œufs
    Join the hunt for Easter eggs with this French audio article.
  • La semaine des Martin
    Article about a busy week of activities for the Martin family.
  • Le Festival du cinéma américain de Deauville
    The seaside resort of Deauville, in Normandy, is home to an annual American movie festival.
  • Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez - French Film Fest
    Grzegab's review for the Kwiziq French Film Fest.
  • Le Salon du chocolat
    Chocolate lovers and Francophiles rejoice: Paris's annual chocolate festival is just around the corner. Practice listening and reading with this sweet article.
  • Le TCF sur ordinateur
    Learn how to take the official French test known as TCF in this video. You can find more French test tips below the transcript / translation.
  • Les vacances à la mer de Lola
    Work on your A2-level French reading and listening comprehension with this bilingual article - click any phrase to see the English translation as well as links to related French grammar lessons.
  • Mon répondeur
    Ever wondered what a French answering machine and its messages might sound like? It's a great source of vocab and colloquial French!
  • Ouragan Irma
    In early September 2017, an enormous hurricane caused untold damage in the Caribbean, devastating several islands. I live on the French-Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, which seemed to be right in the path but was in the end spared the worst of the storm - here's my story.
  • Petit Ours Brun fait des crêpes
    Watch this cute video about making crêpes - just in time for le jour des crêpes (2 février)
  • Petit Pangolin Malin - Comptine d'Afrique
    African nursery rhyme about a very cute (and topical) animal!
  • Pourquoi les Français sont-ils si fiers de leur cuisine ?
    Why are the French so proud of their cuisine? Find out in this cute animated video.
  • Présentation Equipe de France Paralympique 2018
    Get to know Cécile Hernandez, a French Paralympic Games skiboarder in this video.
  • Présentation de l'Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie
    Today is the International Day of Francophonie, and here's an introduction to the organization behind it.
  • Public holidays in France
    Everyone loves a good public holiday, n'est-ce pas? France has 11 of them, but they're not always paid days off from work.
  • Pézenas : Destination estivale
    Pézenas is a beautiful town in southern France loaded with history, culture, and artistic significance. Learn about this "green pearl" in our French audio article with transcript and translation.
  • Tour de France jerseys
    There are four official Tour de France jerseys - do you know what the colors mean?
  • Un mauvais numéro
    Wrong number! Listen to this friendly exchange between a caller and the person she called by mistake.
  • Un samedi à Paris
    Take a stroll around Paris while working on your French listening and reading comprehension.
  • Une journée chargée
    Audio article about a busy day of shopping and socializing.
  • Une journée dans ma vie d'au pair
    Spend a day as an au pair with this video.
  • What is Ramadan?
    Ramadan is a holy month in the Islamic calendar. When is it and what's it about?
  • Édith Piaf - portrait français
    Édith Piaf was a French cabaret singer and international star. Read and listen to our bilingual article, then listen to a few of her classic songs.
  • B1: Intermediate French reading exercises

  • 20 March: International Day of Francophonie
    French is spoken in dozens of countries, a phenomenon known as "Francophonie" which is celebrated every year on 20 March. Celebrate by learning about a few French-speaking countries that you might not be familiar with.
  • 6 juin 1944 : voyage à travers le temps
    The Allied landing in Normandy is commemorated every year with parades and speeches - and even re-enactments of that fateful day.
  • 8 mai 1945 : la capitulation de l'Allemagne à Reims
    On the 8th of May 1945, Germany surrendered to Allied forces. Find out more in this video with archive footage. Below, you'll find the transcript and translation - click any phrase to read the English and find links to related French grammar lessons.
  • Alpine French School
    If you love to ski or snowboard, like me, then you might be interested to know that there's a school in the Alps where you can ski and learn French at the same time.
  • Après le coronavirus
    Marianne is thinking about life after lockdown. Find out what she'll do on their first day outside in our bilingual audio article.
  • Ascension
    Learn about the mobile jour férié and Christian holiday of Ascension, celebrated 40 days after Easter Sunday.
  • Au Restaurant de la Plage
    Enjoy lunch at a beachside restaurant with this bilingual article.
  • Bonne fête des Pères !
    The third Sunday in June is unofficially Father's Day in France. Find out where it came from in our bilingual article.
  • Bûche de Noël : recette
    Find out how to make the most classic of French Christmas desserts: la bûche de Noël.
  • C'est qui Coluche ?
    Do you know who Coluche is? Find out in this cute animated video.
  • C.R.A.Z.Y. - French Film Fest
    The third Kwiziq French Film Fest review is by our very own Aurélie. Watch the trailer: C.R.A.Z.Y.
  • Claude Monet's "Water Lilies"
    French painter Claude Monet is famous for his Water Lilies. For the story behind the unique way these impressionist paintings are displayed, watch this video.
  • Comme Avant (ConfinementSong)
    Listen to a beautiful song about what life was like before lockdown, by Giedré Ba.
  • Comment est née la langue française ?
    Where did the French language come from? Get the short answer in this cute animated video for children.
  • Comment fabriquer une piñata d'Halloween
    Learn how to make a special piñata for Halloween in this bilingual audio article.
  • Conseils pratiques pour profiter des marchés de Noël
    December is a wonderful time to be in France thanks to the famous Christmas markets. Here's some practical advice to help you maximize your enjoyment and minimize hassles.
  • Célébrations de Thanksgiving
    It's Thanksgiving! Though this is an American celebration, the Kwiziq team is international, so I thought it would be fun to take a look at similar holidays from our respective countries.
  • D'où vient la tradition du marché de Noël ?
    Learn a bit of the history behind France's traditional Christmas markets in this cute video.
  • D'où vient le nom des Schtroumpfs ?
    If you were a kid (or parent) in the 80s, you undoubtedly knew the little blue creatures known as Smurfs. As odd as that name might be, the original French is even odder: les Schtroumpfs.
  • DIY Pâques - Œuf avec message surprise à l'intérieur
    Put your DIY skills to use making un Œuforique, a decorated egg with a surprise message inside.
  • Des initiatives pour aider parents et enfants
    Video about some initiatives in Belgium to teach and entertain children while giving parents a bit of a break during confinement.
  • Devant un match de foot
    It's World Cup time, so here's a fun dialogue between two football (soccer) fans watching a match.
  • Divali : la Fête des Lumières à Vancouver
    Learn about the colorful, joyful festival of Diwali, celebrated by Indians all over the world.
  • Dix pour cent : la bonne recette
    Dix pour cent is a humorous French TV series about the trials and tribulations of movie star agents.
  • Dix pour cent : la bonne recette (suite)
    Part 2 of the video about Dix pour cent, a humorous French TV series about the trials and tribulations of movie star agents.
  • Et tout le monde s'en fout : L'eau
    Funny video (with some vulgar language) about a serious subject: water.
  • Euro 2016
    Euro 2016, the 15th edition of the European football / soccer championship, will take place in France from 10 June to 10 July. Learn a bit about this year's competition in our bilingual article.
  • Festival de Cannes
    One of the most famous and prestigious film festivals in the world is held annually in Cannes. Learn a bit of its history and traditions in this French video with transcript and translation.
  • Festival des cerfs-volants
    Berck-sur-Mer is home to an annual kite-flying festival - and it's going on right now! Learn about this colorful event with this video while working on your French listening comprehension.
  • France Gall, la groupie du pianiste
    France Gall passed away in January 2018. Learn about this French singer with a unique voice in our bilingual article.
  • French Elections
    The next French president will be elected this Sunday - learn about French elections in this bilingual article.
  • Game of Thrones (no spoilers)
    For all you GoT fans out there (and anyone who'd just like to know what all the fuss is about), here's a video talking about all the records this fantasy TV show broke in its eight-year run.
  • Haiti's story of independence
    Haiti was the first French colony to gain independence, thanks in large part thanks to one man.
  • Il est né le divin enfant
    Il est né le divin enfant is one of the most popular French Christmas carols. Enjoy this animated video followed by lyrics in our bilingual reader.
  • Immigrer au Canada
    If you dream of immigrating [UK: emigrating] to Canada, this official video has the vital information you need.
  • Inventions françaises
    Hundreds if not thousands of products you use every day started out as nothing more than an idea - and many of those ideas were originally French.
  • Jardin d'hiver, de Keren Ann
    Practice your French listening and reading comprehension with this wintery song.
  • Joyeux Hanoucca !
    The festival of Hanukkah begins on 25 Kislev on the Jewish calendar, which means the date on the Gregorian calendar changes every year.
  • L'Appel du 18 Juin 1940
    The Appeal of 18 June is considered the origin of the French Resistance during World War II. Learn how it came about in this French video with transcript and translation.
  • L'Arnacœur - French Film Fest
    The first Kwiziq French Film Fest review comes from none other than our CEO, Gareth "Gruff" Davies.
  • L'anniversaire de Cyril
    Practice listening and reading with this story about a surprise party.
  • L'enseignement en ligne : Témoignage de Céline
    Learn about some of the pros and cons of online teaching in this interview with Céline.
  • L'histoire de la fête Nationale
    Learn about the history of France's national holiday, le 14 juillet, in this informative video.
  • L'oral de français en Première
    At the end of "Première," the penultimate year of French high school, French students have to take a literary oral exam. Many of the tips offered in this video can be applied to other oral exams.
  • La Toussaint
    Toussaint, or All Saints' Day, is an important Catholic holiday, particularly in France.
  • La fête de la Saint-Patrick
    Saint Patrick's Day is the most important day of the year for Irish people all over the world. Learn about this 17 March celebration with this video.
  • La rentrée des classes de Mathilde
    This back to school article features lots of practice with the future tense.
  • La tradition de la Galette des Rois
    Have you ever eaten a Galette des Rois? This famous French cake, eaten only in January, contains a surprise!
  • La valeur inestimable de Notre-Dame de Paris
    Notre-Dame de Paris, a jewel of French Gothic architecture, was partly destroyed by fire on 15 April 2019. Learn about some of the damage that was done in this video.
  • Le Bataclan, un théâtre hors du commun
    On the 2nd anniversary of the monstrous attack which cost 90 people their lives on November 13th, 2015, and as the Bataclan theater opens its doors again, we wanted to pay tribute to this mythical place of Paris nightlife.
  • Le Club des Poètes
    If you like Paris and poetry, you'll love le Club des Poètes. Find out about this thrice-weekly opportunity to recite poetry in our bilingual audio article.
  • Le Dîner de cons - French Film Fest
    Laura's review for the Kwiziq French Film Fest.
  • Le Farz Fourn (Spécialités de Bretagne)
    Discover the Breton dessert known as Farz Fourn in our bilingual article. This is part of our Spécialités de Bretagne series.
  • Le Kouign Amann (Spécialités de Bretagne)
    Learn about Bretagne's famous dessert Kouign Amann (butter cake) in this first installment of our Spécialités de Bretagne series.
  • Le Radeau de la Méduse, de Géricault
    On 2 July, 1816, the ship "La Méduse" wrecked on the shores of Mauritania, and inspired one of the most famous paintings in the world. Learn more in this video.
  • Le Salon International de l'Agriculture
    The annual Salon International de l'Agriculture is the largest French agricultural event of the year.
  • Le français moderne
    Learn about Modern French in part five of our series of bilingual articles on the development of French over the centuries.
  • Leap Day - La journée bissextile
    This extra day comes but once every four years - learn the reason for Leap Day and Leap Year and how to talk about them in French.
  • Les Fêtes Johanniques de Reims
    One of the most important historical events in France takes place in Reims and commemorates Charles VII's coronation in its cathedral. Learn about it in this French audio article with transcript and translation.
  • Les Médiévales d'Ouffet
    Every two years, the Belgian town of Ouffet hosts Les Médiévales, a weekend medieval festival.
  • Les bonnes résolutions de fin d'année
    New year, new opportunity to make exercise a habit. Here's what a French gym and some of its newest members have to say about it.
  • Les bouchons, plaie de la route des vacances
    When you're driving, the worst part of vacation is getting there and back, and France sees more than its fair share of summer traffic jams.
  • Les cours d'anglais - Gad Elmaleh
    Enjoy Gad Elmaleh's stand-up comedy about learning English in this video.
  • Les mamans calmes
    To celebrate Mother's Day in France, here's a sketch by the famous French stand-up comedian Florence Foresti, in which she explores the difficulties of motherhood, especially the irritating case of "perfect moms." Language warning: some mild vulgarity.
  • Les nouvelles régions
    The map of France underwent some big changes this year - learn about the new regions and their names in this bilingual article.
  • Léo et Popi : la Galette des Rois
    Fun video about la Galette des Rois, featuring Léo et Popi from the classic French children's book by Helen Oxenbury.
  • Marie Curie
    Ready for two minutes of women's history? Listen to French kids talking about renowned scientist Marie Curie in this cute video.
  • Menton's Lemon Festival
    The lovely French town of Menton is famous for its annual lemon festival. Take a behind-the-scenes look with this video.
  • Monsieur Grognon
    Put your French negation skills to work with this bilingual article - click any phrase to see the English translation as well as links to related French grammar lessons.
  • Naissance de la langue française
    Modern French dates from about the year 1300, but where did it come from? Learn about the birth of French in this French audio and transcript - just click any phrase for the English translation and related grammar lessons.
  • Noël en France - Christmas in France
    How is Christmas celebrated in France? How are Christmas Eve and Christmas Day different in France than in the US or UK?
  • Nutella : Bousculades, pagaille, la promo monstre vire à l'émeute !
    In January, a huge discount on Nutella, a chocolate-hazelnut paste beloved by the French (especially on crêpes), led to fights and riots in several stores.
  • Omar Sy - Interview Cinéma
    French actor Omar Sy is known for a number of international hits, including Les Intouchables, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Jurassic World. In this interview, he talks (quickly!) about some of his favorite movies.
  • On va camper ce weekend !
    This audio article about camping was specially written to help you prepare for the listening and reading portions of the AP French exam.
  • Parle-t-on français ailleurs dans le monde ?
    Is French spoken anywhere outside of France? Find out in this cute animated video for children.
  • Plus de faits intéressants sur le français
    By popular demand, more interesting facts about French.
  • Pollution à Paris
    Air pollution is a problem all over the world, and the capital of France is no exception. Fortunately, the mayor of Paris is taking steps to reduce it.
  • Pourra-t-on voir des feux d'artifice le 14 juillet 2020 ?
    Will there be any fireworks to commemorate Bastille Day 2020? Find out what's happening in this video.
  • Premier Mai, poème de Victor Hugo
    Listen to Victor Hugo's lovely poem for spring: Premier Mai.
  • Prénoms français
    French parents are not completely free to choose their child's first name - learn about some surprising restrictions in this bilingual audio article.
  • Préparatifs de Noël
    Get ready for Christmas with this short bilingual article.
  • Prévisions Météo-France
    Check out this French weather report for some useful vocabulary and expressions.
  • Qu'est-ce que l'Avent ? What is Advent?
    Learn about Advent and Advent calendars in this French-English article.
  • Quand je serai grand
    Watch this cute video of kids singing about what they'll do when they grow up, then see the lyrics in our bilingual reader
  • Quelques faits intéressants sur le français
    Take a break from learning French to learn some interesting facts about French.
  • Recette - Le Gratin Bœuf, Potiron et Parmesan
    Learn how to make a delicious beef, pumpkin, and parmesan gratin in this video and bilingual article.
  • Rentrée scolaire - limiter les dépenses
    The start of a new school year typically involves shopping for new supplies. This video shares some tips to keep these expenses as low as possible.
  • Rentrée scolaire : la dictature de la mode
    Video about the evolution of school smock and the latest back-to-school fashions in France.
  • Roland-Garros
    Whether you call it Roland-Garros or the French Open, if you're a tennis lover, you won't want to miss this French audio article about the only Grand Slam tournament played on clay courts.
  • Romance au marché
    Here's a cute story about love at first sight, packed with delicious French idioms.
  • Rosh Hashana
    Learn some traditions related to Rosh Hashana, a two-day celebration for the Jewish New Year.
  • Septembre chez mes grands-parents
    Reminisce about visiting grandparents in the fall in this audio article.
  • Soirée d'Hallowe'en
    A small town in Alsace scares people from all over the region with an elaborate haunted house garage.
  • Songkran - Thai New Year
    Did you know that Thailand celebrates New Year's in mid-April? Learn about the unique festival of Songkran in this bilingual article.
  • Tour de France
    The Tour de France is a bike race and incredible test of endurance. Learn a bit about the history of this annual event in our bilingual article.
  • Un cœur en hiver - French Film Fest
    Rowen's Kwiziq French Film Fest review.
  • Vendredi 13 : jour de chance ?
    Do you think Friday the 13th is unlucky, lucky, or just another date on the calendar? Find out the story behind this supersitious day in this video.
  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo was a renowned author and poet, in the Romantic movement - one of the greatest and best-known French writers.
  • À quoi ça sert de recycler ses déchets ?
    What's the point of recycling? Professor Gamberge explains all to a skeptical Charlotte in this animated video.
  • Éclipse en Guadeloupe
    While the Great American Total Eclipse was just a partial eclipse in Guadeloupe, it was still a sight to behold and required the same special glasses.
  • B2: Upper Intermediate French reading exercises

  • Allô les urgences vétérinaires ?
    Cat stuck in a tree? Call the emergency vet service.
  • Assomption
    August 15 is the Catholic holiday of Assomption (Assumption Day) and is férié (a public holiday) in France.
  • Au secours ! Je n'ai plus internet !
    Need help dealing with customer support when your internet goes out? Check out this audio article for some useful phrases.
  • Bastille Day
    Happy Bastille Day! Learn about the French national holiday in our bilingual audio article.
  • Beaujolais nouveau : ne l'appelez plus piquette !
    It's that time of year again, when wine lovers gather to taste the young wine known as Beaujolais Nouveau. But is it really as good - or bad? - as they say?
  • Becoming French
    Ever wonder how to obtain French citizenship? This video offers a nice summary of the different ways and what you have to do for each one - plus, it's great listening practice!
  • Charles Aznavour s'éteint à 94 ans
    Famed French-Armenian singer passed away in October 2018. Watch this video highlighting aspects of his talented career, then scroll down for the transcript in our bilingual reader.
  • Comment préparer son bagage en cabine
    Get some useful packing tips with this video by Catherine Schwaab.
  • Coupe du Monde 1998
    Twenty years ago, France beat Brazil to become world champions of European football (aka soccer). In this video, trainer Aimé Jacquet shares his first thoughts.
  • Demande d'emploi
    This audio article about a job letter was specially written to help you prepare for the listening and reading portions of the AP French exam.
  • Des vacances mémorables
    Laurence and Arnaud go on a dream vacation to celebrate 5 years together in this audio article.
  • Dialectes et langues régionales
    For centuries, France was divided into two main dialectal regions. Learn about the development of French in this bilingual article.
  • Décès de l'ancien président Jacques Chirac, l'animal politique
    Former French president and mayor of Paris Jacques Chirac passed away on 26 September 2019. Learn about the legacy of this political animal in this video from France24.
  • Fête de la Musique
    La Fête de la Musique is an annual celebration in France and around the world. Learn a bit of its history in our bilingual audio article, then listen to a few French variety classics.
  • Fête de la musique : interview de Jack Lang
    In 1981, Ministre de la Culture Jack Lang came up with a new celebration where citizens from every background could celebrate a common love of music: la Fête de la Musique. Here's how it happened.
  • Fête des Lumières à Lyon
    Lyon's Festival of Light is a must-see event where the walls of buildings become movie screens. Here's a taste of what's in store in 2017, including the newest security measures.
  • Hallowe'en in France
    At a nursery school in Biarritz, kids get ready for Halloween with stuffed pumpkins and favorite costumes.
  • Histoire d'animaux
    Learn or practice some French expressions with animals in this cute bilingual story.
  • Histoires d'argent
    A bilingual text about different relationships to money, rich in French idioms.
  • Hommage à Louis de Funès
    Louis de Funès was a giant of French comedy known for his high-energy acting, diverse facial expressions, and foul temper.
  • Héritage de Johnny Hallyday
    Despite being French, Johnny Hallyday wrote his will in the United States, which allowed him to disinherit his children. Find out how they're challenging the will and whether they have a case in this video.
  • Johnny Hallyday : 1943-2017
    Watch this hommage to Johnny Hallyday, a French rock and roll legend who died in December 2017.
  • L'automne au marché de Landerneau
    French markets are full of beautifully coloured food, and never more so than in autumn. Visit the Landernau market with this French video, including transcript and translation.
  • L'histoire de la Saint-Sylvestre
    In France, New Year's Eve is known as la (fête de) Saint-Sylvestre - but why?
  • La Bretagne se révèle en Côtes d'Armor
    The northwestern corner of France is a beautiful region called Bretagne, or Brittany. Discover a few of its secrets and myths in this fast-paced video.
  • La Chandeleur
    The 2nd of February is known as Chandeleur, la fête des chandelles, or le jour des crêpes - learn all about it in this video.
  • La main dans le sac
    Learn or practice some idiomatic French expressions in this bilingual caper.
  • La rentrée, quelle angoisse !
    Get ready to go back to school with an anxious but excited lycéenne in our bilingual audio article.
  • Le Camembert de Normandie (Spécialités de France)
    Learn about Normandy's famous cheese: le camembert.
  • Le DELF-DALF en témoignages
    The DELF and DALF are official French proficiency tests. In this video, French teachers in various countries talk about what DELF and DALF mean to them.
  • Le Louvre : 800 ans d'Histoire
    Did you know that the Louvre, one of the most famous museums in the world, was originally a fortress? Learn about the history of this Parisian monument in this fascinating video.
  • Le XVIIIe siècle, le siècle des Lumières
    Learn about some of France's rich history in this video.
  • Le français classique
    Learn about Classical French in this 5-part series of bilingual articles about the development of French over the centuries.
  • Le grand nettoyage de printemps
    Take part in the big spring cleaning with this audio article.
  • Le moyen français
    Learn about Middle French in this 5-part series of bilingual articles about the development of French over the centuries.
  • Le premier mai
    In much of the world, the 1st of May is a public holiday called Labour Day. Learn the history in this French video with transcript and translation.
  • Le ski - Têtes à Claques
    Difficult but funny Québécois claymation video about a downhill skier calling emergency services - for himself.
  • Le suffrage universel masculin - 5 mars 1848
    France was the first country to institute universal men's suffrage. Find out how that came about in this audio article and bilingual reader.
  • Les Bêtises de Cambrai et les Chardons Lorrains (Spécialités de France)
    Learn about some traditional candies from different regions of France.
  • Les Français vus par les étrangers
    Listen to some opinions about the French by people all over the world while working on your French listening comprehension.
  • Les animaux en vacances
    Pets are important to the French, so much so that they're often included in family vacations. This can be something of a challenge, as you'll learn in this video report.
  • Les sites touristiques incontournables de la Guadeloupe
    Visit the beautiful archipelago of Guadeloupe in this informative video.
  • Lettre au Père Noël
    Read Lise's letter to Santa to practice your French Christmas vocabulary as well as listening and reading comprehension.
  • Lettre de Nicolas Bedos à son père, le comédien Guy Bedos
    French actor and stand-up comedian Guy Bedos passed away on May 28th 2020. To say good-bye, his son Nicolas Bedos, also an actor (and writer/director), wrote a very moving letter, read here on French radio by literary journalist Augusting Trapenard.
  • Lynda Lemay - Les Maudits Français
    To celebrate Quebec's National Day, la Saint-Jean-Baptiste (June 24th) and la Fête de la Musique (June 21st), here is a song by Québécois singer-songwriter Lynda Lemay.
  • Mardi gras ~ Pancake Day
    Learn about the various names and celebrations for the day before Ash Wednesday.
  • Milo - Les œufs en chocolat
    Milo - Les oeufs en chocolat
  • Mon année à l'étranger
    Quelle chance ! Spend a year in France with this audio article and bilingual reader.
  • Noël à Kaysersberg
    No trip to France during the Christmas season would be complete without a visit to one of the famous Christmas marchés, and the one in Kaysersberg is perhaps the most authentic.
  • Poisson d'avril !
    April's fish... what? Learn about the silly celebration that takes place in France on the 1st of April.
  • Pokémon Go - La chasse est ouverte
    Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm, and while we can't offer any tips on finding Charmanders or Jigglypuffs, we can help you understand their French names in our bilingual article.
  • Portraits français - Jeanne d’Arc
    Jeanne d'Arc is one of the most famous women throughout French history. Listen and then read our bilingual article, the third in our series of Portraits français.
  • Que la Force soit avec vous !
    We couldn't miss the chance to share our best memories of Star Wars and create a themed French reading exercise for you at the same time!
  • Quel est le sens spirituel du Carnaval et du Mardi Gras ?
    Carnaval and Mardi Gras are huge, weeks-long celebrations in Nice, Venice, New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, and many other cities around the world. Find out about their religious origins in this video.
  • RIP Minsky, the father of artificial intelligence
    Marvin Minsky, the father of artificial intelligence - and our beloved KwizBot's spiritual grandfather - has died. May he rest in peace.
  • Rentrée de professeur
    The start of a new school year is a big deal for students as well as teachers, as heard in this audio article.
  • Reste à la maison
    Yann Lambiel's parody of the song "Y a le printemps qui chante" by Claude François.
  • Réalisatrices françaises
    In honour of International Women's Day on 8th March, we're celebrating and highlighting the top 5 female film directors in the world of Francophone cinema.
  • S'occuper sans écran - La drôle d'humeur de Marina Rollman
    Marina Rollman is a Swiss comedian who has a weekly segment on France Inter, called La drôle d'humeur. Laugh at her take on life without computer screens in this episode.
  • Taxi !
    Listen to this dialog between a taxi driver and a customer for some useful French expressions.
  • Trois minutes pour comprendre Thanksgiving
    Happy Thanksgiving Americans! And to everyone else who might be scratching your heads wondering what the big deal is, check out this video that offers a quick overview of one of the most important American - and Canadian - holidays.
  • Trottinettes électriques - À quand la fin de l'anarchie à Paris ?
    Electric scooters can be found all over Paris - at least until the police come along and have them impounded.
  • Une rentrée plutôt réussie !
    B2 French interactive reading article
  • Visite de Marseille
    See the sights and taste the bouillabaisse while visiting the French city of Marseille with SNCF.
  • Visite de Strasbourg en Alsace
    Visit the beautiful Alsatian town of Strasbourg and taste some local beer in this video.
  • Visite de la Côte Fleurie (Normandie)
    Visit some lovely towns along the coast of Normandy, including Honfleur, Trouville-sur-Mer, and Deauville.
  • Visite du Périgord
    View castles from a riverboat, visit prehistoric caves, and taste truffles in the beautiful French region of Périgord.
  • What makes a perfect Valentine's Day? (Bilingual article)
    This bilingual article with audio describes two very different holidays - and what a difference!
  • C1: Advanced French reading exercises

  • Alsatian accent
    Get an (exaggerated) idea about French as it's spoken in Alsace in this humorous sketch by Les Inconnus (a famous French trio of humorists from the 90's).
  • Histoire et origine du français canadien
    The French spoken in Québec is different than what you might be used to - but why? Check out this animated video for an explanation of the Québécois accent ...
  • Kwiziq dans le "Crystal Maze"
    In May 2018, the Kwiziq Team met in London for a week of work - and just a bit of fun, including a visit to The Crystal Maze Experience.
  • La Saint-Valentin
    Celebrate Valentine's Day with this funny video about interpreting gestures on a first date.
  • Le Cassoulet, plat traditionnel du Sud Ouest (Spécialités de France)
    Learn about le cassoulet, a traditional dish enjoyed throughout southwest France.
  • Le confinement, quelle vie de chien !
    Find out what confinement is like from a new perspective in our bilingual audio article.
  • Les Accras de Morue des Antilles (Spécialités de France)
    Learn about one of the most popular culinary specialities in the West Indies: Guadeloupe's famous accras de morue (cod fritters).
  • Quand Mai 68 changea la France
    May 1968 was a turning point in French history. On this 50th anniversary, learn how students and workers revolutionalized France.
  • Savoyard accent
    Get an (exaggerated) idea about French as it's spoken in Savoie in this humorous sketch by Les Inconnus (a famous French trio of humorists from the 90s).
  • Une Saint-Valentin entre filles
    No Valentine? No problem!
  • V pour Vendetta
    In honour of Guy Fawkes Night (November 5th), let's take a look at V for Vendetta, a 2006 political thriller film set in a dystopian United Kingdom under the rule of a neo-fascist regime, where V, the mysterious anarchist freedom fighter tries to start a revolution through elaborate terrorist acts. Highly recommended!
  • Vendée Globe 2016 / 2017
    Vendée Globe is a grueling, non-stop solo round the world race without assistance.
  • Very Low Cost Airlines
    Think the last flight you took was bad? It probably doesn't compare to this one!