French Writing Practice

Practise your French writing skills with our vast selection of French writing challenges organised by CEFR level. Test your writing skills with interactive French exercises that include translations and free grammar and vocabulary lessons related to the subject.

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  • A1: Beginner French writing exercises

  • A busy sea holiday [US: vacation]
    Le Présent IndicatifArticle définiVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Aline spends her seaside holiday [US: vacation] enjoying water sports.
  • A day in my cat Max's life
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionPronom réfléchi

    Juliette tells about her cat's daily routine.
  • A day with my daughter
    Le Présent IndicatifAdverbeAdjectif possessif

    Marc loves spending the day with his infant daughter!
  • A dream
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERPronom réfléchi

    Geoffrey tells us about one of his dreams.
  • A favour between colleagues
    Le Présent IndicatifGenre fémininQuestion/Interrogative

    Brigitte needs a favour from her colleague Sandra.
  • A French woman
    Le Présent IndicatifGenre masculinGenre féminin

    Élodie tells us about her everyday life as a lawyer specialised in women's rights.
  • A love letter
    Le Présent IndicatifGenre fémininTroisième personne

    Thomas writes a love letter to his girlfriend Julie.
  • A love story
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERAdjectif

    Cécile and Andrew meet in a bar.
  • A romantic Valentine
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionPluriel

    Henri tells us about his special plans for Valentine's Day.
  • A stylish couple
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectifPréposition

    Karim describes a couple's stylish outfits.
  • A week of good deeds
    Le Présent IndicatifArticle définiPréposition

    Philippe does one good deed every day.
  • A week of treats
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionArticle défini

    To treat her mother, Julie organises a week of Mother's Day gifts.
  • A winter meal
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERPluriel

    Bernard has his perfect comfort meal for cold nights.
  • Anthony, hairdresser
    Le Présent IndicatifPlurielGenre féminin

    Anthony tells us about his job as a hairdresser.
  • Astérix
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionArticle défini

    Learn more about this iconic character from French culture.
  • At breakfast
    Le Présent IndicatifAdverbeAdjectif

    Émilie and Jérémie are having breakfast.
  • At midnight
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectif possessifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Sébastien's family celebrates Christmas in the evening of the 24th.
  • At the airport
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectifPréposition

    Louis and Lucie are about to get on a plane.
  • At the beach Free
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbe irrégulierQuestion/Interrogative

    Conversation at the beach between an ice cream vendor and a customer.
  • At the brasserie
    Le Présent IndicatifQuestion/InterrogativeArticle

    Eve orders food at a brasserie in France.
  • At the campsite
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionAdjectif

    Benjamin and Thomas have just arrived at the campsite.
  • At the sporting goods store
    Le Présent IndicatifQuestion/InterrogativeVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Alain is buying tennis equipment for his son.
  • Baby at the beach
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERPréposition

    Baby enjoys being at the beach with his family.
  • Back to School
    AdjectifLe Présent IndicatifPluriel

    Mathieu tells us about going back to school tomorrow.
  • Between neighbours
    Le Présent IndicatifForme négativeVerbes modaux

    Neighbours Jules and Sarah talk about an upcoming barbecue.
  • Beyoncé
    Le Présent IndicatifGenre fémininGenre masculin

    The famous singer introduces herself.
  • Board games
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERAdjectif possessif

    Jonathan is playing board games with his family.
  • Booking a hotel room
    Le Présent IndicatifQuestion/InterrogativeVerbe irrégulier

    Pierre wants to book a room in a hotel.
  • Can I come?
    Le Présent IndicatifQuestion/InterrogativePréposition

    Marie chats with her roommate's friend Damien.
  • Clara's list to Santa
    Le Présent IndicatifPlurielAdjectif possessif

    Julien's daughter is quite exhaustive in her list to Santa this year!
  • Colourful animals
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectifAccord

    Here's a funny and colourful story about animals.
  • Do you like theme parks?
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERGenre masculin

    Louis and Zoé give their opposite opinions on theme parks.
  • Easter decorations Free
    AdjectifLe Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Alice and her sister Zoé are decorating their house for Easter.
  • Easter preparations
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectif possessifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Today, Daniel and his pupils are getting ready for Easter.
  • Exchanging a scarf
    Le Présent IndicatifQuestion/InterrogativeAdjectif démonstratif

    Christine is returning a scarf to the shop
  • Father's Day
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERPréposition

    Sophie has a special routine for Father's Day.
  • Filling in a form
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectif possessifQuestion/Interrogative

    Olivier answers questions from a form.
  • First day at uni
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectifArticle défini

    Samuel and Gina meet at university.
  • For equality
    Le Présent IndicatifArticle définiArticle

    Hadrien and Sonia explain why they're for gender equality.
  • Gardening with Jacqueline
    Le Présent IndicatifPlurielAdjectif possessif

    Julia always loves to take care of her aunt's garden with her.
  • Going on a diet
    Le Présent IndicatifLe Futur ProcheFutur

    Marie has a plan to lose weight this year.
  • Going shopping
    AdjectifLe Présent IndicatifPréposition

    Annie and Nicolas discuss her upcoming trip to the shop.
  • Hanukkah with my family
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Rachelle celebrates Hanukkah with her family every year.
  • Happy New Year!
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERAdjectif

    Paul loves celebrating the New Year.
  • Hello! I'm Mario!
    Le Présent IndicatifPronomPronom sujet

    The famous plumber introduces himself.
  • Hello, my name is France!
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectifPluriel

    The country France introduces itself.
  • Helping my neighbourhood
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERGenre masculin

    Noémie likes helping her neighbours after school.
  • Helping the planet
    Le Présent IndicatifArticlePréposition

    François does his best to help the planet in his everyday life.
  • How to make a cake
    PrépositionArticleLe Présent Indicatif

    Brigitte is going to make a cake today.
  • How to stay healthy
    Le Présent IndicatifForme négativeArticle

    Matthieu tells us about his healthy habits.
  • Hurray for football [US:soccer]!
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERPréposition

    Annie's brother is a big fan of football [US:soccer].
  • Hurray for snow!
    Le Présent IndicatifAdverbeVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Léo loves snow.
  • Hurray for the city centre!
    PrépositionLe Présent IndicatifArticle

    Julien tells us why he loves living in the city centre [US: downtown].
  • Hurray for the internet!
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERAdjectif

    Amir and Chloë talk about why they love the internet.
  • I hate the rain!
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERAdverbe

    Annie stays in on rainy days
  • I love camping!
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectifGenre masculin

    Anissa goes camping in the summer.
  • I'm hot!
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERVerbe irrégulier

    Marc offers tips for dealing with the heat.
  • I'm Jean Valjean
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionVerbe irrégulier

    At the beginning of Victor Hugo's "Les Misérables", our hero Jean Valjean knocks at a bishop's door.
  • I, Louis XIV
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERAdjectif

    The French king Louis XIV tells us about himself.
  • In French class
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionPronom

    Marc explains what his French lessons consist of.
  • In science class
    Le Présent IndicatifPlurielArticle défini

    Jérôme's favorite subject is science!
  • Job: Veterinarian
    Le Présent IndicatifAdverbeArticle

    What does being a veterinarian entail?
  • Juliette Binoche
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERArticle

    The famous French actress tells us about herself.
  • Learning the guitar
    Le Présent IndicatifGenre masculinTroisième personne

    Stéphane tells us about his guitar lessons.
  • Mimi the mermaid
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectifArticle

    Mimi the mermaid introduces herself.
  • Mrs Durand's Menagerie
    AdjectifLe Présent IndicatifPluriel

    Mrs Durand loves her many animals.
  • My afternoons with my friend Lise
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Nora and her friend Lise have a nice Saturday afternoon routine.
  • My astronaut costume
    Le Présent IndicatifPlurielAdverbe

    This year, Hugo is dressing up as an astronaut for Mardi Gras.
  • My basketball team
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectif possessifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Quentin loves his basketball team!
  • My bicycle ride Free
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionAdjectif possessif

    Bastien loves his weekend ride in the woods.
  • My children's Hallowe'en
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectif possessifAdjectif

    Luc's children are all ready for Hallowe'en.
  • My cousin Benjamin
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERPluriel

    Jonathan talks about his favourite cousin.
  • My daughter and books
    Le Présent IndicatifPlurielGenre féminin

    Patrick's daughter has a passion for books !
  • My daughter's birthday
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectifPluriel

    David's daughter Émilie is turning seven today!
  • My dog's birthday
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERPréposition

    Every year, Florian celebrates his dog Max's birthday.
  • My favourite instrument
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Marc and Véronique tell Sabrina what their favourite musical instruments are.
  • My favourite season
    Le Présent IndicatifArticle définiAdjectif

    Bertrand tells us why he prefers fall to other seasons.
  • My favourite summer fruit
    Le Présent IndicatifArticlePluriel

    Lucas tells what fruit he loves eating in the summer.
  • My favourite superheroes
    Le Présent IndicatifAdverbeVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Thomas talks about his favourite superheroes.
  • My grandson
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectif possessifPronom

    Raymond is completely gaga over his first grandson.
  • My little sister
    Le Présent IndicatifGenre fémininGenre masculin

    Damien's little sister can be pretty annoying.
  • My neighbourhood Free
    Le Présent IndicatifGenre masculinPronom sujet

    Antoine tells us about his neighbourhood's best features
  • My New Year's resolutions
    Le Présent IndicatifPlurielAdjectif possessif

    Thierry makes a list of good resolutions for the new year 2020.
  • My sister the nurse
    Le Présent IndicatifGenre fémininGenre masculin

    Laure tells us about her sister's job.
  • My turtle Caroline
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionPluriel

    Daniel tells us about his favourite pet.
  • My typical snowy day
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionPronom réfléchi

    Pauline tells us what she likes to do when it snows outside.
  • My week of activities
    Le Présent IndicatifArticle définiVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Julien's week is full on activities!
  • Opposite siblings
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectifGenre féminin

    Élodie tells us how different she is from her brother Thomas.
  • Profession: Journalist
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERPluriel

    José tells us about his job as a journalist.
  • Speed dating
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERPréposition

    Claudine and Marc get acquainted during a speed dating session.
  • Summer food and drinks
    AdjectifArticle définiPluriel

    Léa asks her friends what they like to eat and drink in the summer.
  • Thanksgiving with family
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom réfléchiPréposition

    James tells us about his Thanksgiving traditions.
  • The Hobbies Family
    Le Présent IndicatifPlurielDeuxième personne

    In Raphaël's family, everyone has a different hobby!
  • The woman on the train
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERVerbes avec -OIR

    Every morning, Lisa sees this woman on her commuter train.
  • To buy a train ticket
    Le Présent IndicatifQuestion/InterrogativePronom sujet

    Thomas is buying a train ticket at a French train station.
  • What is Francophonie?
    ArticleArticle définiLe Présent Indicatif

    Damien explains what francophonie is.
  • When I'm sick
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERVerbe irrégulier

    Julien tells us what he does when he's ill.
  • Where is the town hall?
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    James asks Mélanie for directions.
  • Which French king am I?
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectif possessifGenre féminin

    This mysterious French king tells us about himself... do you recognise him?
  • A2: Lower Intermediate French writing exercises

  • A day with Granddad
    Le Passé ComposéVerbes réguliers avec -ERLe Présent Indicatif

    Bastien went to visit his granddad at his retirement home.
  • A few days in Dordogne Free
    Pronom d'objet indirectAdjectifPronom d'objet direct

    Monique tells Patrick about her coming holiday.
  • A football accident
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitPréposition

    Anthony had his friend Bruno over to play...
  • A great weekend
    Le Passé ComposéVerbes avec être comme auxiliairePréposition

    Henri had a lovely weekend.
  • A holiday [US:vacation] letter
    AdjectifL'ImparfaitLe Passé Composé

    Jacqueline writes about her holiday [US: vacation] to her friend Patricia.
  • A love for teaching
    L'ImparfaitPlurielLe Passé Composé

    Damien's passion for teaching started early.
  • A new mother
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitAdverbe

    Rachelle and her boyfriend had to learn how to take care of their baby.
  • A new TV
    AdjectifL'ImparfaitLe Présent Indicatif

    Sébastien tells Yvan about the TV he just bought.
  • A nice train journey
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitAdjectif

    Lucie and her boyfriend Marc went to the countryside by train this weekend.
  • A noisy hotel room
    Le Présent IndicatifLe Passé ComposéAdverbe

    Bertrand complains to the hotel reception about noises during the night.
  • A romantic trip to Paris (A2)
    Le Passé ComposéVerbe irrégulierPréposition

    Anna took her boyfriend on a romantic trip to Paris.
  • A romantic weekend away
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitPronom d'objet direct

    Aline and her boyfriend went away for a relaxing weekend.
  • A sleeper's story
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéAdjectif

    Amélie used to be a real sleepyhead.
  • A Thanksgiving gift
    Le Passé ComposéParticipe passéVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Tammy's family prepared a Thanksgiving meal for a less fortunate family.
  • A week of beach activities
    Le Passé ComposéVerbe auxiliaireParticipe passé

    Oriane spent the week enjoying beach sports and activities.
  • A weekend of chores
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitVerbe auxiliaire

    Romain and his wife Sabine spent the weekend doing chores.
  • Afternoon ice cream (A2) Free
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbe irrégulierVerbes avec -OIR

    Lucie and Greg feel like an ice cream this afternoon.
  • An Italian holiday [US: vacation]
    Le Passé ComposéPrépositionL'Imparfait

    Julia's girlfriends went on an Italian holiday [US: vacation].
  • Apple tart
    Le Passé ComposéParticipe passéVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Bruno helped his aunt make her famous apple tart.
  • At a Fatals Picards concert
    Adjectif possessifAdverbeLe Passé Composé

    Julien and his friend Matthieu went to see the French band Les Fatals Picards on stage.
  • At my best friend's wedding
    Pronom d'objet directLe Présent IndicatifLe Passé Composé

    Patrick gives a toast at Stéphane's wedding.
  • At the bar (A2)
    Le Présent IndicatifLe Passé ComposéForme négative

    Au bar Patricia and Samuel discuss what drinks they want to order.
  • At the Chinese restaurant
    Le Présent IndicatifForme négativeArticle

    James is ordering food in a Chinese restaurant.
  • At the cinema
    Le Présent IndicatifAdverbeAdjectif possessif

    Thibault and Aïssa enjoy an evening at the movies.
  • At the mountain restaurant
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbe irrégulierPronom d'objet indirect

    Gérard and Sylvie stop for lunch after their mountain hike.
  • At the nail salon
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionAdjectif

    Barbara is at the nail salon.
  • At the post office
    Le Présent IndicatifInfinitifAdjectif possessif

    Christophe has a few errands to run at the post office.
  • At the shoe store
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom d'objet indirectPronom d'objet direct

    Christine is looking for a pair of shoes with the help of a nice sales assistant.
  • At the till [US: cash register]
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERAdjectif possessif

    A customer is offered the shop's loyalty card.
  • Bastille Day in the South of France
    Le Passé ComposéAdjectifL'Imparfait

    Bernard tells us about celebrating Bastille Day last summer.
  • Breakfast in the sun
    Le Passé ComposéAdverbeVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Sabrina surprised Thomas with a nice breakfast on the balcony.
  • Camille Cottin
    Le Passé ComposéPrépositionVerbes avec être comme auxiliaire

    The French actress introduces herself.
  • Chocolate mousse cooking tips!
    Mode impératifL'ImpératifLe Présent Indicatif

    André gives us some tips to make the perfect chocolate mousse.
  • Conversation on the plane
    Le Présent IndicatifQuestion/InterrogativeAdverbe

    Pascal and Julie get acquainted on a flight to Montpellier.
  • Drawing a face
    AdjectifMode impératifL'Impératif

    Teacher François asks his pupils to draw a face.
  • Easter in France
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionArticle défini

    Learn more about how French people celebrate Easter.
  • Finding a Father's Day present
    Le Passé ComposéAdjectifPréposition

    Louna and her brother Nassim went shopping for Father's Day.
  • Fireworks
    Le Passé ComposéParticipe passéIdioms about Time

    Juliette went to watch New Year's fireworks yesterday.
  • First visit to the vet
    L'ImparfaitGenre fémininGenre masculin

    Sébastien's cat just gave birth to four little kittens!
  • Fishing with Dad
    Le Passé ComposéPlurielParticipe passé

    Benjamin went fishing with his father last Sunday.
  • From the city to the countryside
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitVerbes avec être comme auxiliaire

    Marie decided to leave Paris to live in the countryside.
  • Gardening : yes or no?
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERAdjectif

    Thibault and Cécile gives their differing opinions on gardening.
  • Giving up tobacco
    Le Présent IndicatifLe Passé ComposéVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Amélie has stopped smoking and she's so happy about it!
  • Have you got any dirty clothes?
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom d'objet directQuestion/Interrogative

    Bastien and his mother debate the need for a dirty laundry basket.
  • Holiday by the sea
    L'ImparfaitPrépositionAdjectif possessif

    Édouard remembers his childhood seaside holidays in the south of France.
  • I love autumn!
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERPréposition

    Jacqueline tells us what she loves to do in the fall.
  • I love my grandmother!
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionPluriel

    Lucas tells us about his lovely grandmother.
  • I prefer going skiing
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectifComparatif

    Pierre tells us why he prefers going skiing rather than beach holidays.
  • In a taxi
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom d'objet indirectPronom d'objet direct

    Magalie needs her taxi to take her for a few errands.
  • In the changing rooms
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERPronom d'objet indirect

    Mélanie is trying on a dress... and testing Pierre's patience!
  • Instagram love
    Le Passé ComposéAdverbePréposition

    Julien and Sandra became famous thanks to their Instagram account.
  • Instructions for a test
    Mode impératifL'ImpératifPréposition

    Teacher Marc read out the instructions for today's French test.
  • It's not my fault!
    Le Passé ComposéAdjectif possessifGenre féminin

    Teacher Émilie lists her students' funny excuses.
  • Jacques Brel
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitPronom d'objet direct

    Gaston is a big fan of the Belgian singer-songwriter.
  • Last night's party
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitVerbes avec être comme auxiliaire

    Pauline and Adrien discuss yesterday's party at Thomas's house.
  • Lockdown solidarity Free
    Genre fémininAdjectif possessifGenre masculin

    Clément and his neighbours organised to help each other.
  • Mister Snowman
    Le Passé ComposéAdjectifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Mister Snowman was born this morning.
  • Mother's Day presents
    Le Passé ComposéPronom d'objet indirectPronom d'objet direct

    Eve and Ornella compare their Mother's Day presents.
  • Movie Date
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitVerbes avec être comme auxiliaire

    Luc was nervous for his first date with Belinda.
  • Movie night at home
    AdverbePrépositionLe Passé Composé

    Pauline and Alex are getting ready to watch a movie at home.
  • Moving in: Calling the electric company
    Adjectif possessifLe Passé ComposéLe Présent Indicatif

    Bruno sets up the electricity account for his new place.
  • Muscle ache
    Le Présent IndicatifLe Passé ComposéVerbe irrégulier

    Viviane tells her friend Jérôme how going back to the gym left her pretty sore!
  • My afternoon at the funfair
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Sébastien spent last Saturday afternoon at the funfair with his friend Matthieu.
  • My cousin and her accordion
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Aurélie tells us about her cousin.
  • My driving licence [US: driver's license]
    Le Présent IndicatifPlurielLe Passé Composé

    Jean-Pierre is taking his driving test tomorrow.
  • My electric car
    Le Passé ComposéAdjectifLe Présent Indicatif

    François is really happy to have bought an electric car, despite a few disadvantages.
  • My favourite team won!
    Le Passé ComposéAdjectif possessifGenre féminin

    Yesterday, Anna celebrated her team's victory.
  • My favourite work of art
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectifAdjectif possessif

    Stéphane asks Isabelle, Clémence and Benjamin about their favourite works of art.
  • My Hallowe'en costume
    AdjectifLe Passé ComposéGenre féminin

    Daniel tells us how hard it can be to pick one's Hallowe'en costume.
  • My head in the stars
    L'ImparfaitGenre masculinPréposition

    Thomas has always had one passion: the stars.
  • My kids' letter to Santa
    Le Passé ComposéPlurielParticipe passé

    Julia's twins wrote their first letter to Santa.
  • My name is Tintin!
    Le Passé ComposéVerbes réguliers avec -ERLe Présent Indicatif

    Famous reporter Tintin introduces himself.
  • My trips to the swimming pool with my daughter
    L'ImparfaitPrépositionPronom d'objet direct

    Brigitte fondly remembers her weekly trips to the swimming pool with her young daughter.
  • My weekend with Mum [US: Mom] Free
    Le Passé ComposéAdjectif possessifParticipe passé

    Claire spent quality time with her mother last weekend.
  • My weekend's activities
    Le Passé ComposéConcordance des TempsVerbe irrégulier

    Éric tells us how the weather affected his weekend's activities.
  • My weekends with Dad

    Alexandre remembers the getaway weekends he used to spend with his father.
  • My work experience placement
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitAdverbe

    Thomas worked in an office as part of his work experience placement.
  • New Year's plans
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERLe Futur Proche

    Yann and Paul are discussing their plans for New Year's Eve.
  • One day in Father Christmas's workshop
    Le Passé ComposéAdjectifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Let's peek through the window to see what the elves are doing.
  • Our new family member
    Le Passé ComposéAdjectifAdjectif possessif

    The family is growing bigger with the arrival of Minette, our new cat.
  • Paying bills
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbe irrégulierPronom d'objet indirect

    Roommates Émilie and Judith discuss bills.
  • Phone call from the bank
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectifPronom d'objet indirect

    Mr Dupuy gets a phone call from his bank.
  • Picking an outfit
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERPronom d'objet direct

    Emma is choosing an outfit with the help of her friend Lucie.
  • Reading Lord of the Rings
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéPronom d'objet direct

    Baptiste remembers the first time he read Tolkien's masterpiece.
  • Recette de la salade niçoise
    Mode impératifL'ImpératifPréposition

    Babette teaches us how to make a salad Niçoise.
  • Segway in the park
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéLe Présent Indicatif

    Noémie and her friend Manon went for a Segway ride in Versailles's royal gardens.
  • Taking Grandma phone shopping
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéPronom d'objet indirect

    Marielle took her grandmother to buy a mobile phone.
  • The birth of my son
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitAdjectif

    Geoffrey remembers the first time he saw his son.
  • Tom's first day back to school
    Le Passé ComposéVerbes avec être comme auxiliaireReflexive verbs

    Émilie tells us about her son Tom's first day of school.
  • Weekend in Lyon Free
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitPréposition

    Vincent tells us about the weekend he spent in Lyon with his cousin.
  • What a change!
    L'ImparfaitLe Présent IndicatifAdjectif

    Émilie moved from a small village to Paris, and that's a big change!
  • When I became a vegetarian
    Le Passé ComposéForme négativePronom d'objet indirect

    Geoffrey tells us about his journey becoming a vegetarian.
  • Who is this writer ?
    Le Passé ComposéAdjectifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Guess who this French writer is!
  • Why I learned German
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéAdjectif

    Sabrina tells us why she first decided to learn German.
  • Why study French?
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitVerbe irrégulier

    Pourquoi étudier le français ? Hugo gives us his reasons to pick up French again.
  • Working from home - an opinion
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéPronom d'objet indirect

    Patrick tells us about trying WFH a few months ago.
  • B1: Intermediate French writing exercises

  • A childhood passion
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéAdverbe

    Vincent and his brother loved video games growing up.
  • A dinner invitation
    PrépositionLe Conditionnel PrésentArticle défini

    Sabrina invites her friends Louise and Manon to dinner.
  • A family day at the park
    Le Futur SimpleVerbes réguliers avec -ERPréposition

    Benoît will spend this Saturday at the park with his daughter Mia.
  • A friend's apology
    Le Passé ComposéForme négativeLe Présent Indicatif

    Gaston apologises for hurting his friend Miriam.
  • A game of hide and seek
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom d'objet directL'Imparfait

    Linda and Christian are watching from afar a game of hide and seek between the children.
  • A gem of a restaurant
    Le Passé ComposéLe Présent IndicatifL'Imparfait

    Gilles and his wife Martine discovered a little Italian restaurant in town last weekend.
  • A greener future
    Le Futur SimpleVerbes réguliers avec -IRVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Julien is seeing a future where people are more eco-conscious.
  • A Horror Story
    Le Passé ComposéPronom d'objet directPronom d'objet indirect

    On a dark October night, Emma received a disturbing call...
  • A luxury holiday [US: vacation] with friends
    Le Futur SimpleVerbes réguliers avec -ERVerbes réguliers avec -IR

    Alain has the perfect luxury holiday [US: vacation] planned for when he wins the lottery!
  • A special Monday
    Le Futur SimpleLe Présent IndicatifVerbe irrégulier

    Anna is looking forward to a lazy Easter Monday!
  • An afternoon in the fall
    Le Futur SimplePronom d'objet indirectAdjectif

    Zoë is planning to meet her friend Quentin for a nice October afternoon.
  • An amazing New Year's Eve meal
    PrépositionPronom d'objet indirectLe Futur Simple

    Henriette is planning a dazzling meal for New Year!
  • An awful new boyfriend
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéAdverbe

    Grégory finds his aunt's new boyfriend quite repulsive!
  • An opinion on football [US:soccer]
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERPronom relatif

    Théo has a nuanced take on football [US:soccer].
  • Animal emergency (B1)
    Le Présent IndicatifLe Passé ComposéVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Julien's cat is stuck in the tree!
  • Around the world on motorcycle
    Le Conditionnel PrésentLe Futur SimplePréposition

    Joël would love to travel the world on his motorcycle.
  • Asking about a hotel room
    Adjectif possessifVerbe irrégulierPronom d'objet direct

    Catherine has a few questions about the hotel room she's booked.
  • At the amusement park
    Verbe irrégulierLe Présent IndicatifLe Futur Simple

    Thomas will go to the amusement park with his friend Samia for their birthday this year.
  • At the coffee machine
    Le Passé ComposéVerbe irrégulierForme négative

    Cyril, Pauline and Eve catch up by the coffee machine on Monday morning.
  • At the doctor's
    Le Présent IndicatifMode impératifL'Impératif

    Robert goes to the doctor for a consultation.
  • Back pain
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéAdverbe

    Flora tells the doctor how she hurt her back.
  • Beatrice's baby shower
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitAdjectif possessif

    Emma and her sister organised their cousin's baby shower.
  • Becoming an astronaut
    L'ImparfaitAdjectif possessifPronom d'objet indirect

    Élodie dreams of becoming an astronaut.
  • Belgian food facts
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectifArticle défini

    Discover some interesting food-related facts about Belgium.
  • Birthday makeover
    Le Passé ComposéPlurielAdjectif possessif

    "New year, new me" Julia thought on her 20th birthday.
  • Busy Schedule
    Le Futur SimpleVerbe irrégulierIdioms about Time

    Isabelle recaps what everyone will have to do on Saturday!
  • Cancelling a purchase
    L'ImparfaitPrépositionLe Passé Composé

    Justin calls Bokado's customer service to cancel his order.
  • Cathy's future holiday in Montpellier Free
    PrépositionVerbe irrégulierLe Futur Simple

    We learn about Cathy's plan to spend her holiday in Montpellier
  • Christmas at my parents' house
    Le Passé ComposéParticipe passéVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Quentin spent a classic Christmas with his parents.
  • Christmas in the mountains
    Le Futur SimpleLe Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Antoine will spend Christmas at his dad's house in the Alps, if he can get there!
  • Credit card fraud
    Verbes réguliers avec -ERLe Passé ComposéParticipe passé

    Josiane calls her bank about a suspicious transaction.
  • Dreaming of Paris
    Le Conditionnel PrésentLe Futur SimplePronom d'objet direct

    Grégory imagines his ideal Valentine's Day's proposal.
  • Family holiday car trip
    Le Présent IndicatifQuestion/InterrogativeVerbe irrégulier

    Let the squabbles begin!
  • Flying anxiety
    Le Futur SimpleVerbes réguliers avec -ERAdverbe

    Jean-Luc has a plan to deal with his fear of flying.
  • Getting ready for autumn
    Le Futur SimplePronom d'objet directPronom d'objet indirect

    Rosalie won't get caught up by the arrival of autumn this year.
  • Giving up smoking
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéParticipe passé

    François tells us how he managed to stop smoking.
  • Going back in time
    Le Conditionnel PrésentL'ImparfaitVerbe irrégulier

    Marine asks Amanda, Bruno and Sébastien what they would do if they could go back in time.
  • Going to the bank
    Le Futur SimplePlurielGenre féminin

    Flora and her father need to go to the bank.
  • How do you like to keep up with the news?
    Le Présent IndicatifPlurielAdjectif possessif

    Vanessa and Ludovic tell us how they stay informed.
  • I love swimming!
    L'ImparfaitVerbes réguliers avec -ERLe Passé Composé

    Thomas tells us about his love for swimming and his hope to one day dive from up high!
  • I miss French food!
    L'ImparfaitAdjectifPronom d'objet indirect

    Hélène tells Betty how she's coping with missing French food abroad.
  • I want to help! (B1)
    Le Conditionnel PrésentLe Futur SimplePréposition

    Suzanne wishes she had more time to help others.
  • I've always loved French
    Le Passé ComposéPronom d'objet directL'Imparfait

    Emily has always had a fascination for the French language.
  • I, Lucky Luke
    Le Conditionnel PrésentLe Futur SimpleAdverbe

    Christophe imagines what he would do if he were the fastest shooter in the West.
  • If I could start over...
    Le Conditionnel PrésentLe Futur SimplePronom d'objet indirect

    Anne wishes she could do things differently.
  • If I were a chef
    Le Conditionnel PrésentLe Futur SimplePronom relatif

    Benjamin tells us of his dream of being a chef.
  • If I were Céline Dion
    Le Conditionnel PrésentAdjectifLe Futur Simple

    Ornella imagines what it would be like to be the French Canadian star.
  • If I were Wonder Woman
    Le Conditionnel PrésentAdjectif possessifPronom réfléchi

    Juliette imagines what it would be like to be Wonder Woman
  • In the changing rooms [US: locker rooms]
    Pronom d'objet directPronom d'objet indirectLe Présent Indicatif

    The guys are chatting after football [US: soccer] practice.
  • Interview with a jewellery creator
    Le Présent IndicatifPlurielAdjectif

    Hugo is interviewing Marie who creates her own jewellery.
  • Let's go back to the gym!
    AdverbeVerbes réguliers avec -ERLe Futur Simple

    Olivier and Victoria discuss going back to the gym after the winter.
  • Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
    Le Passé ComposéAdjectifParticipe passé

    Learn about the origin of the French Republic motto.
  • Lockdown shopping
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionAdverbe

    Marguerite's Christmas shopping habits will be a bit disrupted this year.
  • Looking for a new house
    Pronom d'objet directLe Conditionnel PrésentPréposition

    Sébastien and Éric are looking at real-estate listings.
  • Looking for my phone
    Le Futur SimplePronom d'objet indirectPronom d'objet direct

    Jonathan lost his phone on the train...
  • My brother and his wife
    Le Passé ComposéPronom d'objet indirectPronom réfléchi

    Marielle tells us about her brother's great relationship.
  • My European trip
    Le Futur SimplePrépositionVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Jonathan is planning a mini tour of Europe for next year's holiday [US: vacation].
  • My favourite things at Easter
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom relatifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Alain talks about the things he loves about this time of year.
  • My ideal day
    Le Conditionnel PrésentLe Futur SimpleTroisième personne

    Anna tells us how she would spend her ideal day.
  • My ideal garden
    AdjectifLe Conditionnel PrésentVerbe irrégulier

    Flora imagines her perfect garden.
  • My new flat [US: apartment]
    L'ImparfaitLe Futur SimpleVerbe irrégulier

    Franck is moving soon into a much nicer flat [US: apartment]
  • My next holiday [US: vacation]
    Verbes réguliers avec -ERPrépositionLe Futur Simple

    François has his holiday [US: vacation] to Canada well planned!
  • My post-university plans
    Le Futur SimpleVerbes réguliers avec -ERAdverbe

    Antony wants to move to Paris after his studies
  • My Provence dream
    Le Conditionnel PrésentArticlePronom relatif

    Juliette dreams of what life would be like if she lived in Provence.
  • New in town
    Le Futur SimpleAdjectifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Caroline writes in her diary about her plans to make new friends in a new town.
  • New recruit
    Le Passé ComposéAdjectif possessifLe Présent Indicatif

    Antoine sums up his first two months in the company.
  • Next summer in Paris
    Le Futur SimpleVerbes réguliers avec -ERPronom d'objet indirect

    Sabrina will visit her friends in Paris next summer.
  • Our next family reunion
    Le Futur SimpleVerbe irrégulierPréposition

    Sophie can't wait to see her family again.
  • Our Parisian holiday
    Le Futur SimpleVerbes réguliers avec -ERPronom d'objet indirect

    Anthony has his Paris holiday all planned out.
  • Picking our wedding flowers
    Adjectif possessifPlurielLe Futur Simple

    Perrine has opted for a country-style wedding, with matching flowers.
  • Police check
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom d'objet directL'Imparfait

    Janine is stopped for a routine police check.
  • Ready for the zombie apocalypse
    Le Futur SimpleVerbes réguliers avec -ERVerbe irrégulier

    Sébastien explains how he and his friends will deal with the imminent zombie apocalypse.
  • Rebooking a flight
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectif possessifQuestion/Interrogative

    Patrice calls Easyplane to postpone his flight
  • Sailing in the Caribbean
    Le Conditionnel PrésentLe Futur SimplePréposition

    Patrick and Sébastien are planning a sailing tour of some of Caribbean islands.
  • Selfies
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéLe Présent Indicatif

    Marc considers the photographic phenomenon of the selfie.
  • Selling stamps
    Le Présent IndicatifL'ImparfaitPronom relatif

    Christophe needs help to sell a stamp collection.
  • Spanish cooking
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitVerbe irrégulier

    Jean-Luc cooked a Spanish meal for his friends, with mixed results!
  • Splitting the bill (B1)
    Le Passé ComposéAdverbeVerbes avec être comme auxiliaire

    Lisa, Julien and Manon have to split the bill at the restaurant.
  • Studying abroad
    Le Passé ComposéPronom d'objet directLe Présent Indicatif

    Louis decided to go study abroad next year.
  • Studying for an exam
    Pronom d'objet directVerbe irrégulierPronom d'objet indirect

    Julie, Matthieu and Laurent discuss their revision strategies.
  • Synchronised swimming
    L'ImparfaitAdverbeLe Passé Composé

    Frank would love to join a synchronised swimming team.
  • The best carnivals in the world
    Le Conditionnel PrésentLe Futur SimpleL'Imparfait

    Simon asks Mathieu and Lydia what carnival they'd love to go to.
  • The best concert ever!
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitVerbes avec être comme auxiliaire

    Laura tells us about the great concert she went to yesterday
  • The brass band
    Le Futur SimpleLe Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Alice can't wait to go and see the brass band on Sunday!
  • The manga phenomenon in France
    AdjectifLe Présent IndicatifLe Passé Composé

    Learn more about French people's love for these Japanese comics.
  • The new dad
    Le Futur SimplePronom d'objet directVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Christophe wants to share so much with his newly born daughter.
  • The play
    Le Futur SimpleVerbe irrégulierPronom d'objet direct

    Lucie just joined an after work drama class.
  • The pleasure of traditional mail
    L'ImparfaitPlurielLe Présent Indicatif

    Coralie has always loved sending and receiving letters.
  • The power of love
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéAdverbe

    Gaspard became a new man when he fell in love.
  • The year of the Baccalauréat
    Le Futur SimpleAdverbeVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Laurent is planning the year ahead to prepare his end-of-high school exams.
  • Trip to Paris Free
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Mélanie's sister and her husband went to Paris last year.
  • Two model daughters
    Le Futur SimpleVerbes réguliers avec -IRVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Marina and Louise are on their best behaviour to convince their parents to let them go out.
  • Watching the Olympic Games
    Le Présent IndicatifAdjectifGenre féminin

    Bruno and Flora like following the Olympics.
  • What I love about my partner
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERPronom d'objet direct

    Adèle talks about her partner's best features.
  • What literary hero would you be?
    Le Conditionnel PrésentLe Futur SimpleAdjectif

    Michel and Lisa discuss what character from a novel they'd like to be.
  • When I'm retired
    Le Futur SimpleVerbe irrégulierPluriel

    Bernard tells us what he'll do once he retires.
  • Which band to see?
    PrépositionLe Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Sabrina and Angélique are deciding which band they want to go see next.
  • B2: Upper Intermediate French writing exercises

  • "Vernon Subutex" - an opinion (B2)
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbe irrégulierGenre féminin

    Carole tells us why she loves the first volume of Virginie Despentes's trilogy.
  • (Scary) Bedtime stories
    Le Subjonctif PrésentPronom d'objet indirectLe Présent Indicatif

    Jasmine talks to her partner Nicolas about the type of bedtime stories he is telling their son.
  • A busy weekend ahead
    Le Subjonctif PrésentMode subjonctifLe Futur Simple

    Olivier sums up his busy schedule for the weekend.
  • A day in the countryside Free
    Le Passé ComposéPronom d'objet directPréposition

    Marie tells about spending last weekend in the countryside with her daughters
  • A little lost dog
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéPréposition

    Sébastien helped a lost dog find his home.
  • A networking New Year's Eve
    Le Subjonctif PrésentLe Présent IndicatifMode subjonctif

    Jacques has to go to a networking party for work on New Year's Eve.
  • A nice table "à la française"
    Le Futur SimpleLe Subjonctif PrésentVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Jacqueline explains the intricacies of setting the table the French way.
  • A nightmare journey Free
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitPronom d'objet direct

    Josiane and Robert explain why they're an hour late to their friends' place.
  • A perfect interview (B2)
    Le Présent IndicatifL'ImparfaitAdjectif possessif

    Léo's just had the best job interview of his life!
  • A professional phone call
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom d'objet indirectPronom d'objet direct

    Sonia Martel is talking to M. Delarue's executive assistant.
  • A slippery drive
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitAdverbe

    Un trajet en voiture glissant Richard struggled to get to work this morning: everything was frozen!
  • A surprise gift
    PrépositionL'ImparfaitAdjectif possessif

    Gaspard remembers a special gift he made for his mother when he was a boy.
  • At the football [US: soccer] game
    Le Passé ComposéAdjectif possessifParticipe passé

    Henri took his dad to a football [US:soccer] game for Father's Day.
  • At the garage sale
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbe irrégulierLe Passé Composé

    Patrick explains to Amelle how to find bargains.
  • At the repair shop
    Le Passé ComposéPronom d'objet directVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Sabrina needs help with her laptop.
  • At university
    Genre fémininLe Passé ComposéGenre masculin

    Léa and Laura bump into each other at their new university.
  • Autumn/Winter 2020 trends
    Verbe irrégulierAdjectifLe Passé Composé

    Discover the Autumn/Winter 2020 fashion trends.
  • Bad Movie Review
    L'ImparfaitAdjectifLe Subjonctif Présent

    Mauvaise critique de film Bernadette delivers a scathing movie review.
  • Bastille Day in France
    L'ImparfaitAdjectifPronom relatif

    Mathilde remembers how she used to celebrate Bastille Day with her family.
  • Bouldering in Fontainebleau
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionAdjectif

    Irène loves spending the day rock-climbing in Fontainebleau.
  • British National Museums
    Pronom d'objet directLe Présent IndicatifForme négative

    National museums are free in the UK, as Paul happily found out.
  • Building a snowman
    Le Passé ComposéVerbe irrégulierParticipe passé

    Martine and Bastien enjoyed building a snowman.
  • Car breakdown
    Le Passé ComposéVerbes avec être comme auxiliairePréposition

    Julien's car broke down at the most inconvenient time.
  • Congratulations on your degree!
    Pronom d'objet directPlurielAdjectif possessif

    Thomas's aunt and uncle send him an email to congratulate him on getting his Master degree.
  • Conversation between friends
    Pronom d'objet directLe Passé ComposéPronom d'objet indirect

    Friends Simon and Isabelle are catching up.
  • DIY with Dad
    L'ImparfaitDeuxième personnePremière personne

    Émilie loved spending time in her father's shed.
  • Extreme cosmetic surgery
    Le Passé ComposéMode subjonctifLe Subjonctif Présent

    Anella had several operations to look like her idol, the Barbie doll.
  • Family Reunion
    Le Passé ComposéPronom d'objet directL'Imparfait

    At a family reunion, Lea sees her aunt Patricia for the first time in years.
  • Fighting lockdown blues
    Le Passé ComposéPronom d'objet indirectMode subjonctif

    Samia did everything she could to cheer up her grandmother Janine during lockdown.
  • Finding the perfect anniversary gift
    Pronom d'objet directPronom d'objet indirectLe Présent Indicatif

    Jean-Paul is listing his gift ideas for his wife on their anniversary.
  • First night out after Baby
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitAdjectif indéfini

    Romane couldn't wait to go out with her girlfriends again!
  • Garip Ay's amazing paintings
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ERPronom relatif

    Les peintures extraordinaires de Garip Ay  Jean-Pierre tells us about the work of this fascinating Turkish artist.
  • Getting ready for the holiday [US: vacation]
    Le Passé ComposéLe Futur SimplePronom d'objet direct

    Bastien and Alicia are getting ready for tomorrow's departure.
  • Giving back
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom réfléchiPronom relatif

    Especially during the holiday season, it's good to give back to those less fortunate than us...
  • Going lily-of-the-valley picking
    Adjectif possessifPronom d'objet indirectLe Présent Indicatif

    Jean-Pierre's family goes to pick lily-of-the-valley every year.
  • Happy Father's Day!
    Verbe irrégulierLe Passé ComposéAdverbe

    Sabrina has prepared the perfect Father's Day for her dad.
  • Heatwave
    PrépositionLe Passé ComposéMode impératif

    A weather forecast on one of the hottest days of the year.
  • High cost of cigarette packaging change
    PrépositionVerbe irrégulierLe Présent Indicatif

    Learn about the cost of the new policy on cigarette packaging in France.
  • Holidaying abroad: pros and cons
    AdverbeLe Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Sébastien weighs up his pros and cons of going abroad for the holiday.
  • Horse riding on the beach
    L'ImparfaitAdverbeLe Passé Composé

    Iris discovered the joy of horse riding by the sea.
  • How I met your mother
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéLe Subjonctif Présent

    Julien tells his children how he met their mother Émilie.
  • How to become an official candidate in the French presidential election?
    Le Subjonctif PrésentMode subjonctifLe Présent Indicatif

    Learn about the French electoral process to become a presidential candidate.
  • I can't find my shirt!
    Pronom d'objet directLe Passé ComposéLe Présent Indicatif

    Claire and Julien are almost ready to go out...except for Julien's missing shirt!
  • In a clothes store
    Pronom d'objet directPronom d'objet indirectLe Passé Composé

    Dans un magasin de vêtements Patrick complains to the sales assistant about a defective item.
  • In the woods with my dog Ulysse
    Le Présent IndicatifInfinitifPréposition

    Gaëlle enjoys her walks through the woods with her dog Ulysse.
  • Jean-Pierre Bacri
    Pronom d'objet directPronom d'objet indirectAdverbe

    Yann and Élodie loved the great French actor who passed away in 2021.
  • Living abroad
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom relatifAdverbe

    Bastien thinks that living abroad can only enrich one's life.
  • Lockdown letters (B2)
    Pronom d'objet directPronom d'objet indirectLe Passé Composé

    Alexandre has been sending letters to his grandmother during lockdown.
  • Long time no see! (B2)
    Le Passé ComposéLe Présent IndicatifForme négative

    Marina and her cousin Tom catch up after quite a while.
  • Louise Bourgeois
    Le Passé ComposéPrépositionGenre masculin

    Marie-Claire tells us about her favourite French artist.
  • Mice invasion
    Pronom d'objet directLe Passé ComposéPronom d'objet indirect

    Invasion de souris Lisa and Paul are discussing options to get rid of Lisa's mice.
  • My car is a real wreck!
    Le Passé ComposéPronom d'objet directForme négative

    Yann's car has so many problems!
  • My dream invention
    Le Conditionnel PrésentMode subjonctifVerbe irrégulier

    Sonia asks Sylvie what invention she'd dream to see becoming a reality.
  • My first Easter memory
    L'ImparfaitPronom d'objet directLe Plus-que-Parfait

    Alexandre remembers the first time he went egg hunting.
  • My grandmother's rosebushes
    L'ImparfaitPronom d'objet indirectPronom d'objet direct

    Lucie tells us about her grandmother's beloved and reknowned rosebushes
  • My kids' back to school day
    Le Subjonctif PrésentMode subjonctifLe Présent Indicatif

    Claire is getting ready for the kids' first day back to school.
  • My life is a hashtag
    Le Passé ComposéPronom d'objet directParticipe passé

    Sébastien explains why hashtags are so important in his life.
  • My mother's favourite singer
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionPronom d'objet

    Patricia tells us about her mum's passion for French singer Serge Lama and what she would love to be able to do for her
  • My passion for French cuisine
    Le Présent IndicatifLe Passé ComposéPronom relatif

    Ma passion pour la cuisine française James presents some of the reasons why he loves French cooking
  • My plan for the day of my exam
    Le Futur SimpleVerbe irrégulierAdverbe

    French B2 Freeform Writing Exercise
  • My sense of direction
    Verbe irrégulierLe Futur SimpleLe Passé Composé

    Joseph and Sabrina discuss their more or less deficient sense of direction.
  • My sister the future pianist
    Le Passé ComposéVerbe irrégulierL'Imparfait

    Lucas's sister has always dreamed of playing piano.
  • New vs old technologies
    L'ImparfaitLe Présent IndicatifReflexive verbs

    Les technologies nouvelles contre les technologies anciennes Enzo asks retiree Gertrude her opinion on new technologies.
  • New wallpaper in the dining room
    L'ImparfaitPrépositionPronom d'objet

    Josiane explains her choice of new wallpaper for the dining room.
  • On Valentine's Day, beware of faux pas!
    Mode subjonctifLe Subjonctif PrésentLe Présent Indicatif

    Henri gives us tips to pick the right Valentine's Day's present.
  • Our "grown-up" hobbies (B2)
    Le Présent IndicatifPrépositionL'Imparfait

    Viviane and Luc tell us about their respective hobbies: adult colouring and homebrewing.
  • Our camper holiday [US: RV vacation]
    Pronom d'objet directL'ImparfaitPronom d'objet indirect

    Élodie and her cousin Sarah had the best time on their camper holiday [US: RV vacation].
  • Our holiday [US:vacation] in Wallonia
    Verbes réguliers avec -ERLe Futur SimplePréposition

    Daniel and Claire are planning their visit to Wallonia [re: French-speaking Belgium].
  • Our new house's renovations
    Le Futur SimpleLe Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Jacques and his partner Louise are planning their new house's renovations.
  • Our plans for Valentine's Day
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom d'objet indirectPronom d'objet direct

    Barnabé and Samia discuss their Valentine's Day plans.
  • Pears in red wine and cassis
    Mode impératifL'ImpératifPréposition

    Here's chef Paul Bocuse's famous (and delicious) "Poires à la Beaujolaise" recipe.
  • Planning a camping trip
    Verbe irrégulierPronomLe Présent Indicatif

    Patricia and Alexandre are planning their camping weekend.
  • Playing video games
    Pronom d'objet indirectPronom d'objet directLe Présent Indicatif

    Quentin and Lise are playing a racing video game together.
  • Pre-date stress
    L'ImparfaitForme négativePréposition

    Luc was really nervous last week ahead of his date with the amazing Olivia !
  • Public Transport
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéAdverbe

    François discovered the joys of public transport when moving from a small village to Paris.
  • Stendhal syndrome
    Le Passé ComposéParticipe passéLe Plus-que-Parfait

    Learn more about this fascinating, if controversial, affliction.
  • The adventures of Fantômette
    L'ImparfaitLe Conditionnel PasséAdjectif possessif

    Marie has always loved the character of Fantômette!
  • The best hotel booking
    L'ImparfaitAdjectifPronom d'objet direct

    Olivier had the most amazing hotel experience!
  • The mental load
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéLe Présent Indicatif

    Emma explains how the bulk of household organisational tasks tends to fall on women's shoulders.
  • The Nice Carnaval
    PrépositionPronom relatifVerbe irrégulier

    Le Carnaval de Nice Guillaume plans on going to the famous Nice Carnaval this year.
  • The worst holiday [US: vacation] ever!
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéPronom d'objet direct

    Amandine tells us about her very disappointing holiday [US: vacation]!
  • Train mishap
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéGenre féminin

    Lisa missed her stop on her way to work!
  • Trouble on the way to holiday [US: vacation]
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom d'objet directPronom d'objet indirect

    On the road to go on holiday [US: vacation], Christophe and Laure's car engine overheated.
  • Visiting my best friend
    L'ImparfaitLe Présent IndicatifLe Subjonctif Présent

    Rendre visite à mon meilleur ami Juliette wants to visit her best friend Pierre who moved away last year.
  • Water damage
    Le Présent IndicatifMode subjonctifLe Subjonctif Présent

    Noémie and Samuel investigate a water leak in their flat [US: apartment].
  • Welcome to Bordeaux's Tourist Office Free
    Le Futur SimpleVerbes réguliers avec -ERArticle

    Bordeaux's Tourist Office introduces us to the city's best touristic attractions
  • What monster would you be?
    Le Conditionnel PrésentLe Futur SimplePréposition

    Suzanne asks David, Agathe and Hugo what monsters they'd like to be.
  • What to get Mum [US Mom]?
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom d'objet indirectVerbe irrégulier

    Daniel and his girlfriend Olivia decide what to get his mother for her birthday.
  • Where to study
    L'ImparfaitLe Conditionnel PrésentAdjectif

    Italian student Mateo finally picked the country where he wants to study.
  • Women's vote in France
    Le Passé ComposéGenre fémininGenre masculin

    Le vote des femmes en France Catherine and Blanche tell us about the first time they were allowed to vote in 1945.
  • C1: Advanced French writing exercises

  • A bad matchmaker
    Pronom d'objet directLe Passé ComposéPronom d'objet

    Sophie tells us about her failed attempt at matchmaking.
  • A chilling story
    L'ImparfaitPrépositionPronom relatif

    A young couple had just moved into a huge manor...
  • A dissatisfied customer
    Mode subjonctifLe Subjonctif PrésentVerbe irrégulier

    Monsieur Dubois writes to complain about not receiving an order.
  • A drunken evening
    Le Passé ComposéParticipe passéPronom d'objet direct

    Christophe had quite an eventful evening!
  • A ghost story
    L'ImparfaitPronom relatifLe Passé Simple

    Hugo is visiting his mother on All Saint's Day.
  • A last minute request
    L'ImparfaitPronom d'objet directLe Passé Composé

    Isabelle's colleague keeps making her miserable...
  • A lovely encounter
    L'ImparfaitAdjectifLe Passé Simple

    On her daily walk, Audrey met a furry little friend in need of help...
  • A snow storm to remember
    Le Passé ComposéAdverbeMode subjonctif

    Lily recalls last year's snow storm.
  • A sudden reappearance
    Pronom d'objet directLe Passé ComposéForme négative

    French C1 Freeform Writing Exercise
  • A wedding proposal
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéPronom d'objet direct

    David tells us how he planned to propose to his girlfriend.
  • Advice for new pet owners
    Pronom d'objet indirectPronom d'objetLe Subjonctif Présent

    Laurent asks people for their advice on welcoming a new pet at home.
  • Alice and the Caterpillar (Alice in Wonderland)
    Le Présent IndicatifLe Passé SimplePronom d'objet direct

    Alice meets the mysterious Caterpillar in this adapted excerpt from "Alice in Wonderland"
  • An animal tale
    L'ImparfaitAdjectifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    By a lovely winter morning, Henri the hare meets poorly Lili the rabbit.
  • Anna's birthday party
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéLe Subjonctif Présent

    Clément discusses the organisation of his daughter's birthday party with his friend Charlotte.
  • Anne of Brittany (C1)
    Le Passé SimpleVerbe irrégulierGenre féminin

    Learn about the extraordinary woman who was crowned Queen of France twice.
  • At the ski resort
    Le Présent IndicatifMode subjonctifLe Subjonctif Présent

    Paul needs to get ski gear for himself and his family.
  • At the water park
    Le Présent IndicatifMode subjonctifLe Subjonctif Présent

    The whole family is having a good time at the water park.
  • At uncle Robert's 70th birthday
    Mode subjonctifLe Subjonctif PrésentVerbe irrégulier

    Laura catches up with her cousin Charlotte at a family event.
  • Back to School shopping
    Le Présent IndicatifVerbe irrégulierPréposition

    Viviane and Christian try and get everything on their children's school supply list.
  • Californian dream
    L'ImparfaitLe Subjonctif PrésentPronom relatif

    Olivia had always dreamt of discovering California...why wait any longer? In this text, use Le Passé Simple when appropriate.
  • Camping in the woods Free
    L'ImparfaitPrépositionLe Plus-que-Parfait

    Nathalie enjoys camping in the middle of the woods.
  • Coco Chanel
    Le Passé SimpleVerbes réguliers avec -ERArticle

    A short biography of this extraordinary woman who became a fashion icon.
  • Complaining about a hotel room
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom d'objet indirectPronom d'objet direct

    Gérard is not happy with the state of his hotel room and complains to the receptionist
  • Coping with the heatwave
    Le Passé ComposéMode subjonctifLe Subjonctif Présent

    Emma asks how Simon and his pregnant girlfriend Christelle coped with the extreme heat.
  • Deep-sea diving in Martinique
    L'ImparfaitAdjectif possessifPronom relatif

    Léonard took his new wife Sophie deep-sea diving in Martinique.
  • Drôme provençale, a little piece of heaven
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom relatifAdjectif possessif

    Vincent tells us about this beautiful region in the South of France.
  • Easter plans
    Mode subjonctifLe Subjonctif PrésentLe Présent Indicatif

    Julia hopes Easter will be nicer this year!
  • Édith Piaf
    Le Passé SimpleGenre fémininGenre masculin

    Here's a short biography of one of France's most beloved singers.
  • Engagement dinner's speech
    PrépositionLe Futur SimpleLe Présent Indicatif

    The bride's father thanks the guests for attending and announces the evening programme.
  • Engagement surprise
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitAdjectif possessif

    Louise enjoys an unexpected visit at her engagement party.
  • Family Zoom Call
    Le Subjonctif PrésentMode subjonctifLe Présent Indicatif

    Laurent tries to coordinate a Zoom call with his mother and grandparents.
  • Financial advice (C1)
    Mode subjonctifLe Subjonctif PrésentLe Présent Indicatif

    Alicia had a meeting with her financial advisor.
  • First day back to school
    Le Futur SimplePrépositionVerbe irrégulier

    Sabrina tells us what she'll do on her children's first day back to school.
  • Fishing with my father Free
    L'ImparfaitPronom réfléchiAdjectif possessif

    Julien remembers going fishing with his dad when he was young.
  • French Mobile Phone Habits
    Mode subjonctifPrépositionLe Présent Indicatif

    We're taking a look at the importance of mobile phones in French people's lives.
  • Gardening weekend
    Le Passé ComposéParticipe passéAdjectif possessif

    Jean-Pierre had a busy weekend taking care of his garden.
  • Gastronomical review
    Pronom d'objet directLe Présent IndicatifPronom relatif

    French C1 Freeform Writing Exercise
  • Gluten-free living
    L'ImparfaitPronom d'objet directPronom d'objet indirect

    Alexandre tells us how he dealt with his newly discovered gluten allergy.
  • Gustave Moreau Museum
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéPronom d'objet indirect

    Claire tells us about her fascination for 19th-century symbolist painter Gustave Moreau.
  • Holidaying in July
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé ComposéMode subjonctif

    July is a hard time to organise holiday [US: vacation] for, as Martine and Sam found out!
  • How to take the best portrait photos
    Le Présent IndicatifLe Subjonctif PrésentMode subjonctif

    Sylvie gives Jacques some tips to improve his portrait photos.
  • If only I'd won the lottery!
    Le Conditionnel PasséPronom d'objet directVerbes avec être comme auxiliaire

    Vincent shares what he would have done with the lottery money if he'd won.
  • If you could learn anything instantly...
    Le Conditionnel PrésentLe Subjonctif PrésentLe Futur Simple

    Irène, Julien and Pascal answer the question.
  • In the bathroom
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom d'objet directLe Passé Composé

    Bruno and Sonia are having a chat in the bathroom.
  • In the lives of the writers of French romance novels
    Le Présent IndicatifLe Subjonctif PrésentVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Discover what the life of a French writer of romance novels looks like
  • Last-minute hesitations
    L'ImparfaitAdverbeGenre féminin

    François is torn between his love for Marianne and his duty to the Duchess who he's about to marry.
  • Letter to my daughter
    L'ImparfaitLe Subjonctif PrésentMode subjonctif

    Marc writes a love letter to his newborn baby girl.
  • Missed plane!
    Le Passé ComposéAdverbePréposition

    Bastien missed his morning flight to Paris!
  • Missing a friend's Hen [US: Bachelorette] Party
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom d'objet directAdverbe

    Manquer l'EVJF d'une amie
  • Moana's French voice-over's interview
    Le Passé ComposéLe Présent IndicatifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Paul interviews Cerise Calixte, the French actress who gave her voice to Disney's Moana (Vaiana in the French version).
  • My family's Hallowe'en
    L'ImparfaitAdjectif possessifGenre féminin

    Martin tells us about his family's Hallowe'en traditions.
  • My Son's School Trip Transformation
    L'ImparfaitPrépositionPronom relatif

    Naomi wondered about her son's strange behaviour after his school trip to France...
  • Not the festival type
    Mode subjonctifLe Subjonctif PrésentLe Passé Composé

    Jean-Marc discovered that outdoor festivals were really not his thing!
  • Of the difficulties of learning French (C1)
    Le Présent IndicatifL'ImparfaitPronom d'objet direct

    Mike and Jane discuss the challenges they encountered learning French.
  • Our baby's progress
    Le Subjonctif PrésentMode subjonctifLe Présent Indicatif

    Christophe can't believe how fast his baby daughter is growing up.
  • Paris Catacombs Visit: Juliette's review
    Le Passé ComposéLe Présent IndicatifVerbe irrégulier

    Juliette reviews her visit of Paris's Catacombs.
  • Paris's Haussmannian revolution
    L'ImparfaitLe Passé SimpleLe Plus-que-Parfait

    Learn about the architectural revolution that took place in Paris in the 19th century.
  • Planning mishap
    Le Passé ComposéPronom d'objet directPronom d'objet indirect

    Fabienne and Pascal were to meet Charlotte and Cyril to go to the cinema...except they showed up an hour late! What happened?
  • Playground battle
    Le Passé SimpleL'ImparfaitVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Thomas and Alex fought an epic battle in the school playground.
  • Police Station Dialogue
    Pronom d'objet directPronom d'objet indirectMode subjonctif

    Detective Jacques Poireau is interviewing a murder suspect.
  • Pompidou Centre Free
    Le Passé SimpleVerbe irrégulierPréposition

    History of this unique building
  • Real daredevils!
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitAdverbe

    Patricia's twins have a loyalty card at the local hospital...
  • Review of the iPhone 8 Plus
    Forme négativeLe Subjonctif PrésentComparatif

    Christine reviews the disappointing new iPhone 8 Plus.
  • Summer recipes
    Le Présent IndicatifMode subjonctifLe Subjonctif Présent

    Marielle shares her favourite summer dishes with us.
  • Taking the children to the park
    Le Passé ComposéL'ImparfaitPronom d'objet direct

    Overwhelmed dad Luc tells us about the challenge that is taking the kids to the park.
  • Taking the driving license test
    Mode subjonctifLe Subjonctif PrésentVerbe irrégulier

    Irène is taking her driving license test.
  • The "Veuve Clicquot"
    Le Passé SimplePronom relatifAdjectif possessif

    Here's the story of how widow Barbe-Nicole Clicquot created one of the most famous champagne brands in the world.
  • The benefits of music
    Pronom d'objet indirectPronom d'objet directLe Présent Indicatif

    Mathieu tells us about the benefits of music.
  • The city of the future
    Le Futur SimplePronom relatifVerbe irrégulier

    Yann asked people what they imagine cities will look like in the future.
  • The feminist revolutionary (C1)
    Mode subjonctifLe Subjonctif PrésentLe Passé Simple

    Bastien tells us about this extraordinary humanist writer from 18th century France.
  • The flower fair
    L'ImparfaitAdjectifLe Passé Composé

    Damien and his family really enjoyed their visit to the flower fair.
  • The Lumberjack - Part 1
    L'ImparfaitPronom d'objetPronom d'objet direct

    Here's an original Christmas story about a lumberjack who lived in the North Pole...
  • The Lumberjack - Part 2
    Le Présent IndicatifForme négativeVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Who left those tiny footprints? Here's the end of our original Christmas story!
  • The town of Gruyères
    Mode subjonctifAdjectifVerbes réguliers avec -ER

    Sébastien had a lovely time visiting the famous Swiss town.
  • Unicycle passion
    Le Plus-que-ParfaitL'ImparfaitLe Passé Composé

    Yvette tells us about the day when her passion for unicycling was born.
  • What's a good mother?
    Le Présent IndicatifLe Subjonctif PrésentPronom relatif

    Julie has been getting much contradictory advice since she became a mother.
  • Who's your favourite football [US:soccer] player?
    Le Présent IndicatifPronom d'objet directPronom d'objet indirect

    Bertrand and Léa discuss their favourite French football [US:soccer] players.
  • Why did I become a vet?
    L'ImparfaitLe Présent IndicatifGenre féminin

    Jean-Luc tells us what made him choose this profession.
  • Writer's Block
    L'ImparfaitPrépositionLe Subjonctif Présent

    Lucille talks about coping mechanisms to circumvent the dreaded writer's block.

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