Hallowe'en A2.1 French Level Test

10 Hallowe'en-themed questions to spot test your A2.1 French!. Skip any questions if you're unsure.
  1. 1
    La Dame en Noir cette maison depuis des siècles. (The Woman in Black has haunted this house for centuries.) HINT: hanter = to haunt
  2. 2
    Nous de visiter la vieille masure au bout de la rue. (We avoided visiting the old shack at the end of the street.) HINT: Conjugate "éviter" (to avoid) in Le Passé Composé
  3. 3
    Hansel et Gretel le raccourci qui passe par la forêt. (Hansel and Gretel took the short cut that goes through the forest.) HINT: Conjugate "prendre" in Le Passé Composé
  4. 4
    How would you say "The creature trusts Frankenstein." ?
  5. 5
    Tu le premier prix avec ton costume de Jack Sparrow. (You had the first prize with your Jack Sparrow costume.) HINT: Use the Passé Composé (conversational past)
  6. 6
    Tous les ans, Mélusine les sorcières du quartier à dîner. (Every year, Melusine has the witches of the neighbourhood over for dinner.) HINT: Conjugate 'recevoir' in Le Présent
  7. 7
    King Kong appelle fiancée. (King Kong is calling his fiancée.)
  8. 8
    How could you say "I find Halloween overrated." ? [one, some or all may be correct]:
  9. 9
    Il y a caché derrière les citrouilles ! (There's someone hidden behind the pumpkins!)
  10. 10
    How would you say "There's no one in the basement." ?