Micro kwiz: Adverbial Pronoun En

. Skip any questions if you're unsure.
  1. 1
    Ils reviennent de Londres. Elle
    revient aussi ? (They're coming back from London. Is she coming back from there too?)
  2. 2
    J'ai beaucoup de livres. Combien tu
    as ? (I have a lot of books. How many [of them] do you have?)
  3. 3
    J'ai trouvé dix œufs, et toi ? -Moi,
    . (I found ten eggs, and you? -Me, I found six.)
  4. 4
    Elle est très contente de sa nouvelle voiture. Tu
    es content aussi ? (She's very happy with her new car. Are you happy with it too?)
  5. 5
    "Nous voulons quatre billets d'avion". Write "We want four of them":
  6. 6
    «Claire en a trois» means
Let me take a look at that...