Micro kwiz: French Comparatives

. Skip any questions if you're unsure.
  1. 1
    Write "The boy is as tall as his friend.": "Le garçon est
    son ami."
  2. 2
    Henri a mangé
    Claire. (Henri ate fewer strawberries than Claire.) HINT: "fraises" = strawberries
  3. 3
    Write "André is more intelligent than his sister.": "André est
    sa soeur."
  4. 4
    Mes frères retiennent leurs leçons
    moi. (My brothers remember their lessons less easily than I.) HINT: facilement = easily
  5. 5
    Marie chante
    Eric. (Marie sings as well as Eric.) HINT: bien = well
  6. 6
    En général, Jeanne dort
    . (Usually, Jeanne sleeps more than I do.)
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