Kwiziq Service Providers

Education Partners, Affiliates, and Resellers

Kwiziq Limited collaborates with companies, schools, and individuals to add value to the services offered by each respective party. If you register for or use Kwiziq features on any of these sites, we may share your personal data with them, but we will share only the data that is required for that party to provide its service. All of your personal data is stored and encrypted only at Kwiziq. For details about how we use and protect your date, see Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Current Service Providers

  • Kwiziq French
  • Kwiziq Spanish

Education Partners and Affiliates

Education Partners and Affiliates feature Kwiziq technology on their respective websites.

  • Learn French with Alexa
  • Love Learning Languages
  • Progress with Lawless French
  • Progress with Lawless Spanish


Schools purchase and resell Kwiziq subscriptions.

  • Alpine Language School

More Information

If you are a language company or school, you can find out about becoming a Kwiziq service provider here: Kwiziq Affiliates, Partners and Resellers


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