Literary tenses


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15 February 2017

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Literary tenses

I am solely interested in the spoken tenses and have no interest in poetry or french literature. Am I right in thinking that the bulk os the questons/answers will involve the passé simple?


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15 February 2017


Hi Roy, in level C1 there is a lot of focus on that as most core grammar really runs out by that level, but remember, proficiency in a level includes ever growing mastery of all the levels beneath.

This is why we have the level foundation trophies to work towards which reward you for perfecting those.

You can work at any level you wish at any time. I'd suggest going for for (say) your B1 or B2 foundation trophies as a longer term goal and for that you will need to work at the various level shields in three levels for each.

Bonne continuation!

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