Features for Teachers

Cool for school!

Kwiziq is creating some pretty neat features for schools, teachers and independent tutors.

Snowed under preparing lessons and marking homework? Want to work more efficiently and save precious time? We understand and we're here to help. 

Our Studygroups feature lets you manage groups of students in any way that you like, whether they're in the same physical class, or simply a group of independent students that you teach.

A Studygroup lets you see how your students are progressing in one place. You can view stats for the whole group and for individuals, see their progress, strengths and weaknesses to help plan lessons. Soon you'll be able to set goals, challenges and homework. Your students' progress is all tracked and marked by Kwiziq, so you can save time and focus on what you love doing!

We also have bulk licensing and reseller options for schools and personal tutors. If you would like more information about buying Kwiziq Premium licenses for your students, please contact us with the details of your needs.

Getting that for you now.