How to promote Kwiziq

Kwiziq Partners and Affiliates

Thanks to your unique affiliate code and the magic of cookies, the users you refer to Kwiziq are permanently tagged with your affiliate code. Upon registration, they're given a free, limited account which they can use indefinitely, or they can upgrade to a Premium account with extra features. You earn a percentage of the subscription fee for each of your referrals who upgrade, so it's easy to see that the more users you refer, the more you can earn!

Kwiziq is eager to help you succeed, so we've put together this document with ideas and best practices to help you earn as much as possible.

1. Get to know Kwiziq

The best way for you to understand Kwiziq is to use it yourself. Sign up for an account (if you haven't already) and do some kwizzing, then click around to see everything we offer. For example, in addition to the features listed on our pricing page, we have a library of grammar lessons and a blog full of French learning tips. Also take a look at our FAQ. Once you know what we offer, you can ...

2. Create content about Kwiziq for your site

It's vital to tell your readers about Kwiziq's features and benefits in your own words. Write a review, create a video, make a podcast ... whatever type of content you specialize in. Be sure to include graphics and screenshots. Sharing your honest opinion about Kwiziq will do a lot more to encourage your readers to check it out than a simple text link.

For example:

3. Send a (dedicated) newsletter

Include your content about Kwiziq in a newsletter, whether a special issue dedicated to Kwiziq or as part of your regular mailer.

4. Always use your affiliate code

Our tracking system works by tagging users with your unique affiliate code, which you can add to the end of any Kwiziq link - just remember to replace XX with your unique number. For example:

5. Add links to your site navigation

Add Kwiziq links to your navbar, sidebar, and/or footer, and include a graphic if possible. Make it easy for your readers to visit and revisit Kwiziq. For example, one Partner links to her co-branded Kwiziq site in the top navbar:


6. Add links to articles and lessons

Link to Kwiziq from any and every page where it makes sense: for example, an article about online learning tools or a lesson that would benefit from a link to a verb table. Be sure to hyperlink the key words - for example,

Good: Kwiziq is a great way to improve your French.

Bad: Kwiziq is a great way to improve your French - click here.

7. Share on social media

Share Kwiziq links on all of your social media channels.

8. Announce sales

Kwiziq has several sales a year for back to school and various holidays, which you can find out about in the Affiliate newsletter. Be sure to share these with your readers so that existing Kwiziq users can take advantage of the discounts and new ones can find out about the service.


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