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My first notebook

My personal notebook, where I can store specific competencies and notes

Level AchievementScore Lesson Feedback  
A0 : Entry Level   Conjugate aller - je/tu/vous forms - in the present tense in French (Le Présent)
A0 : Entry Level   Avoir chaud/froid = To be hot/cold (French Expressions with avoir)
A0 : Entry Level   Most French nouns take an -s in the plural unless they already end in -s, -x, -z
A0 : Entry Level   Expressing dates in French
A0 : Entry Level   J'habite à + [ville] = I live in + [city] in French
A0 : Entry Level   Position of French Adjectives - Short and common adjectives that go BEFORE nouns
A1 : Beginner   Expressing large numbers -thousands/millions/billions - in French
A1 : Beginner   Compound nouns formed with prepositions à/de/en in French
B1 : Intermediate   Conjugate -dre and -re verbs in the future tense in French (Le Futur Simple)
A2 : Lower Intermediate   Visiter vs Rendre visite à whether you visit a place or a person
A1 : Beginner   Conjugate regular -er verbs in the present tense in French (Le Présent)
B1 : Intermediate   Conjugate être in the future tense in French (Le Futur Simple)
A1 : Beginner   Standalone adjectives after c'est are always masculine
A1 : Beginner   An vs année, matin vs matinée, jour vs journée, soir vs soirée to express a time unit or a duration in French
A1 : Beginner   Dans/sur/sous/devant/derrière/entre = in/on top of/under/in front of/behind/between (French Prepositions of Location)
A0 : Entry Level   Adjectives usually go AFTER nouns in French (Position of Adjectives)
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