Slang expressions for everyday life in French

Here's a very useful list of common French slang expressions and sentences that you will encounter in everyday life.

French vocabulary

J'ai la dalle. I'm really hungry. (familiar)
Ça marche ! OK! / That works! (informal)
T'inquiète ! No worries! (informal)
C'est clair ! You don't say! (informal)
La vache ! OMG! / Damn! (familiar)
J'ai la flemme. I can't be bothered. (informal)
Je suis à la bourre. I'm late. (familiar)
Laisse tomber ! Drop it! / Don't bother! (informal)
Fais gaffe ! Watch out! (informal)
C'est trop la honte ! So embarrassing! (familiar)
C'est nul ! That sucks! (familiar)
J'ai le seum. I'm bummed (US) / I'm gutted (UK) (familiar)
Je suis dègue. I'm bummed (US) / I'm gutted (UK) (familiar)
Casse-toi ! Go away! / Piss off! (familiar)
I'll be right with you...