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List of verbs followed by the preposition à and an infinitive in French - 1

Useful list of French verbs + à + infinitive

French vocabulary

arriver à [faire] to manage/succeed in [doing]
consister à [faire] to consist of [doing]
parvenir à [faire] to succeed in [doing]
passer du temps à [faire] to spend time [doing]
perdre du temps à [faire] to waste time [doing]
réfléchir à [faire] to consider [doing]
renoncer à [faire] to give up [doing]
réussir à [faire] to succeed in [doing]
s'apprêter à [faire] To get ready to [do]
se décider à [faire] to decide to [do]
s'habituer à [faire] To get used to [doing]
se mettre à [faire] to set about [doing]
tenir à [faire] to insist on [doing]
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