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List of vocabulary in French related to money

A useful list of French vocabulary to talk about one's relationship with money

French vocabulary

l'argent money
la famille family
une histoire a story
l'oncle uncle
la tante aunt
en argent (made of) silver
naître to be born
la bouche mouth
des épinards spinach
le beurre the butter
le porte-monnaie the purse
la sœur sister
le panier the basket
percer to drill
le doigt finger
un rapport a relationship
accumuler to pile up
emprunter to borrow
un oursin an urchin
brûler to burn
paresseuse lazy (f)
un radis a radish
le cousin cousin (m)
les parents parents
jeter to throw
la fenêtre the window
près de close to
vivre to live
un arbre tree
un poil a hair (not on the head)
l'or gold
les moyens the means
pousser to grow
empêcher to prevent