My family's Hallowe'en

"Halloween dans ma famille"
French C1 writing exercise

Martin tells us about his family's Hallowe'en traditions.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "a manor", "Brittany (French region)", "to overlook (landscape)", "a majestic cliff", "to give goosebumps", "a feast", "chaos", "to have one's fill of (food)", "a peach cobbler", "to chant in unison", "ceremonial", "an offering", "Lord of Darkness".

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Hallowe'en had a special place in my family's calendar. On that day, we would all gather at my grandparents' manor which overlooked the majestic cliffs of Brittany. Before we started eating dinner, the children would sit by the fire while Grandad gave us goosebumps with his scary stories. Hallowe'en dinner was always a magnificent feast during which we all laughed and chatted in a joyous chaos. After everyone had had their fill of Grandma's peach cobbler, we would make our way to the Sacred Room, where we started chanting in unison while Grandad put on his ceremonial robe. The human offering was then taken out of the cellar to be offered to the Great Lord of Darkness Cthulhu. Ah, sweet childhood memories!

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