My sister the future pianist

"Ma sœur la future pianiste"
French B2 writing exercise

Lucas's sister has always dreamed of playing piano.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to intimidate", "both (2 actions)", "to dare [doing]", "to take the plunge", "a private tutor", "to not be one to [do]", "to be moved to tears", "all over the world".

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My sister has always wanted to learn to play the piano. Since she was a little girl, this instrument has both fascinated and intimidated her, and she never dared take the plunge. So for her birthday, I got her lessons with a private tutor! She wasn't expecting it at all, and although she isn't one to show her emotions, I saw that she was moved to tears. Last Saturday, she went to her first lesson which went very well. She came back more motivated than ever! And who knows? Maybe she'll become a great artist, who will be famous all over the world... and all (that) thanks to me!