If only I'd won the lottery!

"Si seulement j'avais gagné au loto !"
French C1 writing exercise

Vincent shares what he would have done with the lottery money if he'd won.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "a number (lottery)", "to feel certain that", "the odds are in [one's] favour", "a (lottery) ticket", "[someone's] student debt", "to get dressed up (for an occasion)", "a limo", "to make the most of it (event)", "to furnish (house)", "beforehand", "never mind!", "to hit the jackpot".

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And yet, after I'd picked my numbers that day, I'd felt certain that everything was going to change. But once again, the odds were not in my favour, and the ticket had ended up at the bottom of the bin [US: trash can]. The things I would have done with that money! For starters, I would have written a big cheque which would have gotten rid of my student debt forever. Then, I would have told my mother to get dressed up, and I would have come to pick her up in a limo with a chauffeur so that all her neighbours could see us. How she would have made the most of it! We would have then gone to her new house that I would have had furnished beforehand with all the things that she'd shown me over the years. Never mind! I'll hit the jackpot next time!

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