My ideal garden
French writing exercise

Mon jardin idéal

Flora imagines her perfect garden.

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise:
"own (adj.)", "a terrace", "a barbecue", "an herb garden", "to plant", "mint", "basil", "parsley", "nothing beats...", "colourful", "daffodils", "pansies (flowers)", "favourite of all", "lilies".

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If I had my own house, I know exactly what I would do in order to create my perfect garden. To start with, I would have a terrace with a barbecue made of white stone. In summer, it would be great! I would also like an herb garden where I would plant some mint, (some) basil and (some) parsley. Nothing beats fresh ingredients! And of course, lots of colourful flowers: blood-red roses, bright yellow daffodils, dark blue pansies and my favourite of all, white lilies!

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