The mental load

"La charge mentale"
French B2 writing exercise

Emma explains how the bulk of household organisational tasks tends to fall on women's shoulders.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to juggle", "to supervise", "iron/ironing table", "unattended", "a (male) partner", "beyond", "an issue", "household chores", "mental load", "to leave stuff lying around", "to complain about [something]", "to assume".

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As Emma was juggling with supervising the children's homework, preparing dinner and paying the rent, the iron, that she'd left unattended, burned the ironing table. And that's when her partner said: "You should have told me you needed help." If you're a woman living with a (male) partner, you will have recognised this situation. Beyond the issue of the unequal sharing of household chores, what we call "mental load" comprises all the things one has to think about so that the home can run smoothly. "I even tried leaving stuff lying around to see if he would start cleaning, but as I wasn't complaining about it any more, he just assumed that everything was fine."

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