In the woods with my dog Ulysse

"Dans les bois avec mon chien Ulysse"
French B2 writing exercise

Gaëlle enjoys her walks through the woods with her dog Ulysse.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "daily", "an English setter", "a breed (dog)", "to sniff a trail", "to rummage", "a small bush", "to chase [something] around", "a rodent", "proud as a peacock", "soothing", "the quiet", "the undergrowth (woods)", "a broad-leaf tree", "a cosy shelter from", "to recharge one's batteries", "to venture into".

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What I enjoy the most these days are these long walks that I take daily with my dog Ulysse. He's an English setter, and like other dogs of his breed, he loves running among the trees, sniffing the trail of some mysterious animal and rummaging in the dead leaves and small bushes. Sometimes, he even chases a little rodent around, before coming back to me, proud as a peacock. As for me, I just enjoy the soothing quiet of the undergrowth, where the shade of the tall broad-leaf trees creates a cosy shelter from the outside. There, I can recharge my batteries before venturing once more into the world.

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