The flower fair

"La foire aux fleurs"
French C1 writing exercise

Damien and his family really enjoyed their visit to the flower fair.

Additional Vocabulary - Flowers

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to pass through (gate)", "a flower fair", "a scent (flower)", "right by", "a bed (flowers)", "interspersed with", "crimson", "to cross under (arch)", "spring green", "a vine", "inquisitively", "to contrast with", "candy pink", "to come after (=follow)", "to fill the air with fragrance", "bewitching", "to set [something] ablaze", "one's eyes full of colours"

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Even before we passed through the flower fair's gates, the air was filled with promising scents. Right by the entrance, we were welcomed by a bed of pale blue forget-me-nots interspersed with delicate white daisies and crimson tulips. We then crossed under the spring green vine arches, to discover a radiant field of bright yellow sunflowers whose brown hearts seemed to look at us inquisitively. Gold gave way to ruby with poppies red as passion, the warmth of which contrasted with the innocence of the white carnations and candy pink hydrangeas that came after them. A little further, purple lavender filled the air with its bewitching fragrance, while the brightness of orange marigolds set the other side ablaze. Finally, like a sweet goodbye, blue pansies guided us towards the exit, our eyes full of colours.

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