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Our holiday [US:vacation] in Wallonia
French writing exercise

Nos vacances en Wallonie

Daniel and Claire are planning their visit to Wallonia [re: French-speaking Belgium].

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise:
"Wallonia", "to experience [something]", "a space adventurer", "to book a ticket", "a citadel", "impressive (adj.)", "to take a guided tour", "an underground gallery", "a grotto", "a geological formation".

To learn more about Wallonia, click here.

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- There are so many places I would love to visit in Wallonia! Above all, I want us to go to Transinne where the Euro Space Center offers an extraordinary day of activities to experience the life of a space adventurer. - Don't worry, I've already booked our tickets! Then, we'll spend a day in Namur where we'll discover the impressive Citadel and we'll take a guided tour of its underground galleries. - What a fascinating place! Then, we'll stay a few days in Liège, which will be perfect to visit the region. - Yes, for example, we must absolutely see the Grotto of Comblain with its magnificent geological formations!