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Gwoka: Guadeloupe's music

"Le gwoka : la musique guadeloupéenne"
French A2 writing exercise

Learn about Guadeloupe's traditional music.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "Guadeloupe/Guadeloupean", "at the time of", "slavery", "to mix", "the Caribbean", "India", "to combine", "singing/dancing (disciplines)", "a Ka drum", "a rhythm", "suffering", "joy", "sensuality", "to accompany", "a value", "conviviality".

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Gwoka is Guadeloupe's traditional music. It was born at the time of slavery and mixes influences from Africa, (from) the Caribbean and (from) India. Gwoka combines music, singing and dancing. Its main instrument is the Ka drum. In gwoka music, there are seven different rhythms to represent several emotions, like suffering, joy, anger or sensuality. Gwoka accompanies the important moments of life in Guadeloupe. It carries the values of Guadeloupean society, like conviviality, resistance and dignity.

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