Marseille's famous people

"Les gens célèbres de Marseille"
French B1 writing exercise

Louis and Emma talk about their favourite celebrities from Marseille.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "rap (music) / a rapper", "a footballer [US:soccer player]", "the World Cup (football/soccer)", "a lilting accent", "a novelist", "cicadas", "Mediterranean", "a screenwriter", "a ballet dancer", "and so was [also]...", "a politician (woman)", "a gallery".

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- I have always listened to a lot of French rap, and my favourite rappers are from Marseille, like Akhénaton and Soprano. - Yes, this city also gave us the best footballers [US: soccer players]: Zidane and Frank Lebœuf who won the World Cup in 1998, and Éric Cantona of course! They all kept their beautiful lilting accent. - To me, Marseille will always be the Marseille of novelist Marcel Pagnol who knew how to use his wonderful words to make us hear Provence's cicadas! - Extraordinary artists were born in the Mediterranean city, like actress and screenwriter Ariane Ascaride and ballet dancer Maurice Béjart. - I didn't know that he was from Marseille. - Yes, and so was the politician Simone Veil. - What an impressive gallery of personalities!