When I'm retired

"Quand je serai à la retraite"
French B1 writing exercise

Bernard tells us what he'll do once he retires.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to change [one's] life", "to be retired", "Parisian", "to be worth (money)", "Brittany", "a fishing village", "by chance", "to overlook [a place]", "a creek", "cliffs", "a German shepherd", "the Armorican coast".

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I will completely change my life when I'm retired! For a start, I'll sell my Parisian flat [US: apartment] which, despite its small size, is worth a lot of money. and with that money, I'll go and live by the seaside in Brittany. I've already spotted the perfect place: it's a little fishing village with which I fell in love three years ago when I discovered it by chance, during my holiday [US: vacation]. I'll be able to buy myself a beautiful stone house, which will overlook the creek surrounded by cliffs. And as I will finally have a big garden, I'll get a dog, a German shepherd, to accompany me in my walks along the Armorican coast.

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