A lovely car

"Un amour de voiture"
French C1 writing exercise

Find out about Michel's beloved 2CV car.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to pass the Baccalaureat", "a 2CV (car model)", "a Mechanic degree", "to salvage [something] from...", "the scrapyard [US: junkyard]", "to not look like much", "a rear bumper", "a hubcap", "to give up the ghost", "an exhaust pipe [US: tailpipe]", "to hang on by a thread", "to drag on the ground", "a rattling noise (loud)", "to pay off (effort)", "a coat of paint", "to look as good as new", "to conquer".

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Ever since he'd passed his Baccalaureat exam, Michel only dreamed of one thing (any more): travelling around the world in his old 2CV after completing his Mechanic degree. When he'd salvaged her from the scrapyard [US: junkyard] a few years before, the poor little car really did not look like much! Her old rear bumper and her poor hubcaps were completely rusty, her engine had given up the ghost and her exhaust pipe [US: tailpipe], which was hanging on by a thread, was dragging on the ground while making a horrible rattling noise. Michel and his dad had spent whole weekends fixing this legendary car, which had paid off in the end. With her new coat of bright red paint, the little 2CV looked as good as new, and she was ready to conquer the world!