Un voyage en Corse

"A trip to Corsica"
French B2 dictation exercise

Emmanuelle needs ideas for her upcoming visit to Corsica with her family.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "un office de tourisme", "l'île de beauté (Corse)", "conseiller", "le patrimoine historique", "une citadelle", "valoir le détour", "un port de pêche", "déguster", "une langouste", "une araignée de mer", "pêché(e) du matin", "se dégourdir les jambes", "un explorateur", "intrépide", "un site archéologique", "plonger dans", "la Préhistoire".

I'll play you French speech in sections for you to transcribe

  • Start by listening to the whole piece then hit start
  • Play each section and write down what you hear
  • I'll show you correct answers after each for you to mark yourself
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