A Creole picnic

"Un pique-nique créole"
French A2 writing exercise

During a visit to La Réunion, Julie and Léo went for a typical Creole meal.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "during", "to discover", "typical", "Creole (adj.)", "a picnic/to picnic", "from Réunion island (adj.)", "a lifestyle", "indeed", "outdoor areas", "on the menu", "a sandwich", "a speciality", "a host", "to cook (warm)", "a dish", "a cooking pot", "a wood fire", "to taste", "sausage", "rice", "spicy (hot)".

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During our holiday [US: vacation] in La Réunion, we discovered a typical tradition: the famous Creole picnic. It's part of the Réunion lifestyle. And indeed, we saw outdoor areas to picnic everywhere on the island. On the menu, there were no sandwiches, but there were some delicious Creole specialities! Our hosts cooked the different dishes in a big cooking pot on a wood fire. We tasted sausage rougails with some yellow rice. It was quite spicy and absolutely fantastic!

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