The Cirque of Mafate in La Réunion

"Le Cirque de Mafate à La Réunion"
French B1 writing exercise

Find out about an exceptional place to visit on Réunion island.

Click here to learn more about the cirque of Mafate. 

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "Réunion island", "a natural gem", "accessible on foot", "dangerous landscape", "to surround [something]", "a volcanic crater", "a refuge", "a slave", "to escape [someone]", "a master", "lethal", "to manage to", "to reach", "a spectacular view", "to fall in love with", "to leave for [somewhere]".

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The Cirque de Mafate is one of the most beautiful places on Réunion Island. This natural gem is only accessible on foot because of the dangerous landscape that surrounds it. This ancient volcanic crater used to be a refuge for the slaves who escaped their masters. The name "Mafate" comes from the Malgasy adjective "mahafaty" which means "lethal". If you manage to reach the cirque, you will have a truly unique experience. You will enjoy Mafate's spectacular views and you'll fall in love with its magical tranquility. So, let's leave for the Cirque of Mafate!

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