A difficult sibling relationship

"Une relation fraternelle difficile"
French C1 writing exercise

Yvan has always had a fraught relationship with his sister.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "as far as I...", "not a bed of roses (relationship)", "to bicker", "to bear a grudge against", "to be aware of something", "to bend over backwards", "to fix things between people", "to do something wrong", "toxicity", "how I wished...", "things to be different".

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For as long as I can remember, my relationship with my sister has never been a bed of roses. I struggle to recall a time when we didn't bicker, and I've always felt like she bore a grudge against me for something that I had never even been aware of. For years, I bent over backwards to fix things between us, without ever understanding what I was doing wrong, until the day I finally realised that there was nothing to do, and that I had to protect myself from this toxicity that was negatively impacting the other relationships in my life. How I wished things had been different! But in the end, I'm surrounded by people who respect and love me and whom I respect and I love with all my heart. What more can one ask for?

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