Lighthouses in Brittany

"Les phares de Bretagne"
French B1 writing exercise

Learn about the beautiful lighthouses you can find in Brittany.

Click here to see the fascinating Phare de la Jument.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "a lighthouse", "Brittany/Breton", "majestic", "a building", "to help to do", "a sailor", "to avoid", "a peril", "to await someone", "the coastline", "unusual", "depending on", "isolation", "paradise/purgatory/hell", "a shipwreck", "a steam ship", "to cost the lives of", "seaside (adj.)"

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One third of French lighthouses are located in Brittany. These majestic buildings help sailors to avoid the perils which await them along the Breton coastline. And what unusual places to visit! Depending on the level of isolation of the lighthouse, we call it (the) paradise, (the) purgatory or (the) hell. La Jument, which is one of the most iconic Breton lighthouses, was built on top of a single rock in the middle of the sea. Its construction started in 1904 after the tragic shipwreck of a steam ship which cost the lives of two hundred and fifty people. So, when you are in Brittany, don't forget to visit these seaside monuments!