At the psychiatrist's (C1)
French writing exercise

Chez la psychiatre

Mme Dupont is talking to her psychiatrist.

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise:
"a session (therapy)", "much better", "to find out", "to cheat on [somebody]", "to feel like something...", "a lie", "cowardly", "to keep on doing", "to blame oneself", "a therapist", "to take an important step", "to confront [someone]", "a (life) partner", "to put in place", "to be in a position to", "to overcome".

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- Good morning Mrs Dupont! How are you feeling since our last session? - Not much better than when I left you last week. Since I found out that Sonia was cheating on me, I feel like the whole life we built together was a lie. I still haven't found the courage to talk to her about it. I feel so cowardly and pathetic! We should have never moved in together, and now I just don't know what to do any more! - You can't keep blaming yourself. As your therapist, I need you to understand that you've already taken an important step by coming here. I don't think that a cowardly person would have been able to. Before you confront your partner, it would be useful for us to put a technique in place so that you're in a position to overcome this extremely delicate situation.

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