La Petite France in Strasbourg

"La Petite France à Strasbourg"
French C1 writing exercise

Discover this unique area of Strasbourg, a UNESCO site and tourists' favourite.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "welcome to", "Venice (Italian city)", "a must-see place", "to happen to visit", "Alsatian", "Strasbourg (adj.)", "a most [adj.] thing", "to wander through (stroll)", "an alleyway", "half-timbered house", "a branch (of a river)", "to run through (river)", "picturesque", "a quay", "bucolic", "may wish to", "panoramic view over", "a mill", "not to miss out on", "a plane tree", "iconic", "a hidden gem".

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Welcome to la Petite France in Strasbourg, which is sometimes compared to a little Venice! It is a must-see place if you happen to visit the beautiful Alsatian city. Indeed, once you've entered this charming district of Strasbourg, you will find (there) a most romantic atmosphere. While wandering through the old and historical alleyways, you will be able to admire the most beautiful half-timbered houses of the city of Strasbourg. The river Ill, whose branches run through this picturesque place, will offer you many bucolic quays and old bridges. After crossing the famous Pont Tournant, you may wish to enjoy the panoranic view over the mills from the Saint-Martin bridge. Then, in case you wanted to discover even more of this lovely neighbourhood, don't miss out on the opportunity to sit down under the plane trees of Benjamin Zix square or to share a meal at the iconic Tanners' House. What a hidden gem!

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