Montpellier, city of street art

"Montpellier, la ville du street art"
French C1 writing exercise

Valentin tells us why Montpellier is a great street art city.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "an artistic trend", "to stand between (lapse of time)", "to look up from", "to be filled with wonder", "ephemeral", "to blossom (fig.)", "to brighten [something] up", "a trio", "to take hold of [something]", "existential questions", "a cradle", "to walk up and down streets", "an alleyway", "committed (politics)", "sometimes...sometimes", "to depict", "to take part in", "effervescence".

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Montpellier is one of the rare French cities where all the artistic street art trends mix. Although more than a century stands between the trompe-l'œil and graffiti, their aim remains the same. "We just want people to look up from their mobile screens and for them to be filled with wonder", one graffiti artist told us. In Montpellier, ephemeral projects blossom everywhere in the city, whether it's the artist Mist who brightens up a house façade in the Rondelet district, or the trio Al Sticking, Smole and Salamèche who take hold of a whole house of which each room has its own atmosphere and its own existential questions. You'll find the cradle of the city's street art in the Verdanson district. While walking up and down its streets and [its] alleyways, you'll be able to enjoy the work of several generations of street artists, whose art, sometimes lyrical, sometimes committed, depicts the societal issues of the time. Come and take part in this street art effervescence!

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