How to share household chores equally

"Comment partager les tâches ménagères équitablement"
French B1 writing exercise

Follow Céline's tips to share household chores more equally.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "household chores", "more fairly", "to put off (delay)", "a (life) partner", "a piece of advice", "to manage (to deal with)", "annoying", "to make a list", "weekly (adj.)", "to divide", "equally", "initials", "an erasable whiteboard", "to copy", "to hang [something]", "to consult [something]", "to take stock", "to work (function)".

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Would you like to share household chores more fairly ? Don't put off this discussion with your partner any longer! Let's start with a few pieces of advice which will help you better manage the most annoying chores. First of all, make a list of your weekly activities. Then, divide them equally between the two of you, and add your initials next to your chores. Finally, buy a big erasable whiteboard, which you'll copy this list on, and hang it in your kitchen in order to be able to consult it every day. After a week or two, take time to take stock together to see what works and what doesn't.