The Abbey of Fontevraud: a Royal affair

"L'Abbaye de Fontevraud : une affaire royale"
French C1 writing exercise

Eleanor of Aquitaine answers a few questions about the Abbey of Fontevraud.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "an Abbey", "my dear!", "to bury [somebody]", "Richard Lionheart", "a family clan", "must admit", "by someone's side", "given the way", "to behave towards [someone]", "grounds", "a spot (place)", "to love most of all", "Gothic", "as a whole", "lush gardens", "a cloister", "to bring solace", "octagonal", "fish scales", "a vivid description".

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- Eleanor, how many years have you been living in the Abbey of Fontevraud ? - Oh, my dear! I've been living there for many centuries! After my death in 1204, I was buried there as were my son Richard the Lionheart and my second husband Henri II before me. Although it seems natural for me to have joined the rest of the family clan, I must admit I would have preferred not to be by my husband's side, given the way he behaved towards me. - After having lived on these famous grounds for such a long time, are there any spots that you love most of all? - Of course ! Although the Abbey's Gothic architecture is breathtaking as a whole, I find that its lush gardens and (its) cloister bring solace to visitors. However, the kitchens are where I spend the most time, with their mysterious octagonal shape and their roofs that look like fish scales. - Thank you Eleanor for such a vivid and interesting description of the Abbey!

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