Ready for school?

"Prêts pour la rentrée ?"
French B1 writing exercise

Lisa and Jonathan discuss their kids' state of mind before going back to school.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "so fast", "to keep [doing]", "to ask questions", "to try to [do]", "to reassure", "to seem (person)", "stressed", "on the contrary", "excited (child)", "brand-new", "a rolling schoolbag (with wheels)", "cute", "hopefully".

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- The first day of school came so fast this year! - Yes, I can't believe that it's tomorrow already! Arthur has been a bit worried for a week. He keeps asking questions, so we're trying to reassure him. Is Mia ready for her first day of school? - Yes, and she seems very impatient. I thought that she would be more stressed, but on the contrary, she's super excited! Yesterday, she was walking around the house with her brand-new rolling schoolbag. She was so cute! - Hopefully, Arthur will feel better tomorrow!

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