Nice's cuisine: a healthy diet

"La cuisine niçoise : un régime sain"
French C1 writing exercise

Find out why the dishes from Nice are so healthy.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "Nice (adjective)", "cuisine", "pissaladière", "ratatouille", "a courgette [US: zucchini] fritter", "to favour [something]", "not only...but also", "colourful", "to abound in", "an antioxidant", "the latter two", ""to be praised for [doing]", "to impact", "to maintain", "vital equilibrium", "fat [= fatty matter]", "to deny", "a benefit", "cardiovascular", "to feature in [something]", "to provide", "a nutrient", "fatty acids", "a delight", "culinary", "tasty".

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Although Nice's cuisine is extremely varied, with dishes such as pissaladière, ratatouille or courgette [US: zucchini] fritters, it is also known for favouring fresh, simple and healthy ingredients. Not only does this Southern cuisine use very colourful vegetables, such as tomatoes, (bell) peppers, asparagus and artichokes but most of Nice's recipes also abound in vitamins and (in) antioxidants. The latter two have been praised for a very long time for positively impacting our health because they participate in maintaining our vital equilibrium. It's also interesting that many of these dishes are made with olive oil - which is a type of fat widely used in the world - as one can't deny its benefits for improving cardiovascular health. Finally, tuna and sardines have always featured in a lot of Nice's dishes, providing plenty of essential nutrients and (of) fatty acids to our bodies. To sum up, Nice's cuisine is a culinary delight that combines healthy and tasty ingredients!

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