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Stereotypes about girls: an evolution?

"Les stéréotypes sur les filles : une évolution ?"
French C1 writing exercise

Danielle Moreau, a sociologist, talks about the evolution of stereotypes towards girls on a radio show.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "a listener (radio)", "a sociologist", "to discuss a topic", "to fight against [something]", "to evolve", "a decade", "once (before)", "to be thought to be", "to restrict [something]", "both", "to persist (to last)", "to deny", "to pursue a career", "male-dominated", "engineering", "the running of a company", "to put an end to", "outdated", "gender equality", "insightful".

I’ll give you some sentences to translate into French

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- Hello dear listeners! Today, sociologist Danielle Moreau has joined us in order to discuss stereotypes about girls and how to fight against them. First of all, could you explain (to us) how these stereotypes have evolved over the years? - Yes, with pleasure! People need to remember that girls were once thought to be less able than boys, which restricted both their professional and personal opportunities. - And would you say that things have changed since then? - Although some stereotypes towards girls still persist nowadays, we cannot deny that girls are now encouraged more often to pursue careers that were traditionally male-dominated, such as engineering or running big companies. - And in your opinion, how could we put an end to these outdated stereotypes? - We must encourage young girls to follow their dreams, whatever they might be, as well as educate people about gender equality, in order to achieve this goal. - Danielle, thank you for all this insightful advice!

Clever stuff happening!