Our Halloween costumes

"Nos déguisements d'Halloween"
French B1 writing exercise

Lisa and her friend Olivier discuss what they'll wear for Halloween.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to dress (oneself)", "a Halloween party", "a costume", "to go shopping", "an evil doll", "terrifying", "a character", "well done !", "the Gothic style", "to be dressed as...", "majestic (person)", "intimidating", "foundation (make-up)", "a wig", "jet-black".

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- Hi Olivier ! So, have you decided how you'll dress for the Halloween party ? - Yes, I found the perfect costume when I went shopping last weekend. I'll be Chucky, the evil doll! - What a terrifying character! Well done! - Thank you! And you, who will you be? - I prefer the Gothic style, so this year, I'll be dressed as Morticia Addams. - She's so majestic and intimidating! Will you wear white foundation? - Yes of course, and also a jet-black wig!

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