My Hanukkah traditions

"Mes traditions de Hanoucca"
French C1 writing exercise

Rachelle explains why Hanukkah is such a special occasion for her.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "Hanukkah", "the miracle of oil (Judaism)", "a menorah", "to place carefully", "a window sill", "to recite", "a blessing", "to light (a candle)", "in turn", "except for", "at the time", "to regard [something] as", "an enchanted interlude".

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Hanukkah has always been a very special occasion in my family. This incredible festival lasts for eight days between November and December. During this time, we celebrate the miracle of the oil. Every year, my mother would take out the family's menorah which she then placed carefully on the living-room's window sill. Each evening, while my father would finish reciting blessings, my sister or I would light one of the candles in turn, except for the ninth one which was already lit. My grandmother, who was staying at our house during the celebrations, used to cook the most delicious traditional dishes. Although she was nearly ninety years old at the time, she would still play with the dreidels with us for hours. And of course, she would give us small gifts each day until the end of the festival. I've always regarded Hanukkah as an enchanted interlude for our family.

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