My exotic Christmas

"Mon Noël exotique"
French B2 writing exercise

Aline is remembering spending last Christmas in Marrakech, Morocco.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "memorable", "to immerse oneself in (culture)", "Moroccan", "to make the reputation of [something]", "picturesque", "a taxi driver", "to manage to [do]", "to stay in [a place]", "tiled archways", "an inside courtyard", "to stun [someone] (amaze)", "a bustling market", "throughout", "to emanate from (scent)", "to be lucky to [do]", "to enjoy (meal)", "such as".

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Last year, my partner and I spent a memorable Christmas in Marrakech where I immersed myself in the rich Moroccan culture. We arrived a few days before Christmas to be able to visit all the incredible places which make the reputation of this picturesque North African city. With the help of a friendly local taxi driver, we managed to find the riad in which we were staying. The magnificent architecture and the tiled archways in the inside courtyard immediately stunned me. On our second day, we visited the bustling markets called souks. Throughout our visit, we could smell the wonderful scents which were emanating from the enormous bags of spices. On Christmas day, we were lucky to enjoy a traditional couscous, followed by delicious desserts such as maamouls and baklavas. What an incredible and exotic Christmas!

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