Our family chalet

"Notre chalet familial"
French B1 writing exercise

Florian tells about his family's chalet tradition.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to own", "a chalet", "to be located", "to go for a walk", "a frozen lake", "to go skiing", "the younger ones", "to go snowboarding", "to play boardgames", "a hot drink", "by the fire", "to be attached to", "to bring [someone]".

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My parents own a beautiful chalet which is located in the middle of the mountains. Every winter, the family used to spend a few weeks there. In the mornings, we would go for a walk around the frozen lake near the chalet, then the adults would go skiing while the younger ones would prefer snowboarding. Then, in the evenings, we would play boardgames while drinking hot drinks by the fire. We are all very attached to this tradition, and this year will be very special for me because I'll bring my girlfriend Magalie who will meet my family for the first time!