Becoming a model

"Devenir mannequin"
French B1 writing exercise

Enjoy some useful tips on becoming a model.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to wish to [do]", "a model (fashion)", "to start by [doing]", "a portfolio", "high quality picture", "to make a list", "a modelling agency", "body measurements", "beware of [things]", "a scam", "the world of fashion", "a casting", "a photo shoot", "moreover", "to make sure to [do]", "a healthy lifestyle", "to keep fit", "to succeed in [something]", "an industry", "to persevere", "constructive criticism".

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If you wish to become a model in France, start by creating a professional portfolio (by) using high quality pictures. Then, you will make a list of famous modelling agencies and you'll send them your portfolio with all your body measurements. Beware of scams which are frequent in the world of fashion. For example, you shouldn't pay for castings or photoshoots. Moreover, make sure to have a healthy lifestyle and to keep fit with regular exercises. Finally, in order to succeed in this industy, you must persevere and accept constructive criticism.

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