Working as an A&E [US: ER] doctor

"Travailler comme médecin urgentiste"
French B2 writing exercise

Find out what it's like for Dr. Patrick Dupond to work as an A&E [US: ER] doctor.

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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "to share", "some of the", "a challenge", "to face [a challenge]", "an A&E [US: ER] doctor", "the emergency department (hospital)", "a juggling act", "to deal with [issues]", "a minor injury", "a life-threatening emergency", "unpredictability", "taxing (=demanding)", "to cope with [something]", "pressure", "to crack (psychologically)", "to support each other", "rewarding", "to comfort", "distressed", "a witness", "an against the odds recovery".

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- Hello Dr Dupond, could you share with us some of the challenges that you face as an A&E [US: ER] doctor? - Of course! Working in the emergency department is a real juggling act. We are constantly dealing with a multitude of cases, whether it be minor injuries or life-threatening emergencies. Because of the great unpredictability of our job, it can be mentally as well as physically taxing. - How do you cope with all this stress and this immense pressure? - Obviously, we all crack at times, but we're always there to support each other. - And what about the rewarding aspects of your job? - Saving a life, comforting a distressed family or witnessing a patient recover against the odds, that always reminds me why I chose this career. - Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!

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