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Roaming charges in France

"Les frais d'itinérance en France"
French B2 writing exercise

Lisa, who is French, discusses roaming charges for foreigners visiting France with her British friend Mike.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "last time I...", "to notice that...", "roaming charges", "to increase considerably", "to put in place (law)", "to remove (suppress)", "to check online", "due to [something]", "the UK", "to be included", "starting in [year]", "to apply to [someone]", "that's a shame", "to reduce", "a SIM card", "that way...", "to recommend [something] to [someone]", "to travel across Europe", "brilliant", "to have Wi-Fi access".

I’ll give you some sentences to translate into French

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- Hi Lisa! Last time I came back from Paris, I noticed that my roaming charges had increased considerably. - That's weird! I thought that the EU had put in place laws to remove them. - Let me check online... Yes, you're right, but due to Brexit, the UK is no longer included in the European zone. So, starting in 2024, international roaming charges will apply to us too. - Oh, that's a shame! But if you wanted to reduce these charges, you could buy a French SIM card. That way, you wouldn't pay roaming charges, even if you decided to visit other European countries! I had recommended that solution to my American friend Sarah, when she'd come to travel across Europe a few years ago. - What a brilliant idea! Plus, I'll always have enough Wi-Fi access to check my British phone from time to time.

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