Engagement dinner's speech

"Discours du dîner de fiançailles"
French C1 writing exercise

The bride's father thanks the guests for attending and announces the evening programme.

Pay attention to the hints!

Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "son-in-law", "specially", to be grateful for", "festivities", "to suffer through", "a toast (speech)", "to head towards", "to rave about [something]", "the engaged couple".

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Thank you all for coming today to celebrate the engagement of my daughter Isabelle and my future son-in-law Laurent. Some of you made the trip specially, which we are particularly grateful [to you] for. Here's the programme [US: program] of the festivities: after you've suffered through the end of my toast (laughs) we'll head toward the garden where champagne will be served [to us]. We'll also enjoy hors d'œuvres which you'll rave to me about! Then the engaged couple will address their guests before we come back inside to enjoy the amazing dinner that chef Sébastien will have prepared for us. I raise my glass to the wonderful couple around whom we're all gathered today! Long live the engaged couple!

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