Garip Ay's amazing paintings

"Les peintures extraordinaires de Garip Ay"
French B2 writing exercise

Jean-Pierre tells us about the work of this fascinating Turkish artist.


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Some vocabulary you may want to look up before or during this exercise: "a work (of art)", "a masterpiece", "to apply [something]", "to thicken", "to deposit gently", "to spread", "a design", "absorbent paper".

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The works that this Turkish artist paints last only a brief moment, but their magic stays with the spectator. Garip Ay recreates among others Van Gogh's masterpieces by using the ancient technique called "ebru" which consists of applying paint on some water that we've thickened beforehand with natural products. The painter then delicately deposits drops of paint that he spreads with a thin metal bar so that shapes appear. After finishing his design, the artist places a sheet of absorbent paper on the surface, in order to absorb the "floating" paint. which allows him to keep a trace of the work of art